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The dead eyes of a religious child

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I am sorry for the length of this post and the many videos. I could not make it shorter.

The presumption is that a child is naturally belongs to the same religion as their parents.
There is no such thing as a  ”Christian child”, or a ”Muslim child” or a ”Buddhist child” . A Child is of no religion. It’s the parents, their social surroundings who train the child to be of a certain religious denomination.

Every child born of a Muslim father is automatically a muslim. Judaism does the same with children born of the mother. These are religious edicts.

Of course Islam, even more prepared to deal with any contingency of its adherents to think for themselves, makes it very clear that if that child grows up and changes its mind about the enforced religion it was born into, it should be killed as an apostate.

Religious bigots even go one step further by training and conditioning some toddlers into becoming a carbon copy of the totally bigoted adults. These children are brainwashed and then instructed, trained and paraded as circus animals to give out the same rants as the elder ”scholars/ministers of their religion. Just look at this boy, trained to give out his rant complete with the correct voice modulations: exactly as the old fun, music and women hating misogynist he has been trained to parrot.

This is child abuse. Make no mistake! This doesn’t happen by a friendly weekly religious hour at church or madrassa, These children are psychologically tortured. First they are scared out of their wits. Literally. Their minds are broken.  They are brainwashed. And when they are empty and broken and lost in their never-ending fear, they are given the release of redemption. But only if they comply fully and unquestionably to the religious tenets of their tormentors. When that is established they are programmed to mimic the rants and hatred of their insane keepers. This is classic brainwashing.

Christians also inflict this madness to their children. These little preachers galore around the planet. I can only imagine that the grown up trainers think that if a child which can barely talk makes these religious statements, they will be regarded as divine truth.

While in reality they can only be the result of a circus-like training

You can get a three-year old child to parrot your own delusions, that still doesn’t make them divine truth. And with all these video’s I have posted here, don’t you see one thing in common? Whatever their religion and the rants they have been taught, these children have dead eyes. Every now and then they look into the camera and behind the dullness of their eyes there is a wondering look.
I can see it in all these children. Can you? I really want to know if others can see it too.

The notorious movie ”Jesus camp” , shows this process applied to the children of fundamentalist christian parents in America. This kind of abuse is inflicted on children all over the world, as Palestinian children are groomed to blow themselves up and kill innocent people, so Christian children are groomed to make war on anybody who thinks differently.

We, I mean those people who are not warped by bigotry and misogyny have to make a stand against this evil.
Or our children will be next.


Foreign words in the Quran

Posted in Islam,religion by Save the Women! on October 27, 2009

One of the problems with muslims nowadays is the mistaken idea that the Quran is litterally the word of God.

And that it is written from the start in pure Arabic, and that nothing has ever changed.

This is demonstrable not true. For example: the Quran contains parts of the early christian bible, by no means a pure arabic source. The reason the Quran contains so many obscure passages is because the translators who composed the Arabic version of the Quran didn’t understand many of the foreign words used in the quran.
The early islamic scholars had no problem with the fact that the Quran contains words of different languages. It is only nowadays that, for political reasons, this fact is supressed.

Fact is that Arabic was a very primitive language at the time of the prophet, and hardly a language at all, most tribes had their own dialect. To describe complex abstract notions is not possible in primitive languages. These are the reasons Syriac was the lingua franca amongst traders in the middle east.

The best known of these mistakes is the mistaken translation of raisins into eternal, ever ready for sex, see-through virgins. The word houri is not Arabic and actually meant raisin.

There are words of at least 6 different languages in the Quran, amongst which are Aramaic, Syriac, and Hebrew.

There has also been a lot of research done into the linguistic origins of the Quran. Mostly by ”western” scientists.
There are several reasons why islamic scientist are so little represented in the research of the origin of the quranic languages:

  • you need a wider knowlege of history than is taught in Islamic countries
  • you need a thorough knowlege of all ancient languages used in the area at the time
  • you need an open mind
  • you need freedom to think

I will put up a library list of several books exploring the origins of the Quran.

The truth about Sharia law

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An Egyptian writer explanes Sharia  law.

If you want to call it law, I call it an unfair mix of male-favouring rules and restrictions and punishments for women.

Kuwait revokes discriminatory law

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This is from a blog in Arabic, it is very funny, if you can read Arabic you should check it out.

The supreme court of Kuwait struck down a law from 1962 that requires approval of the husband for the wife to get a passport.
That law was deemed unconstitutional!

Maybe this change to the good has something to do with the fact that earlier this year four women were voted into the Kuwaiti parliament.

quwait parliament

This could be why the Saudi government is so set against forming any kind of constitution or laws. Any constitution which would be acceptable to the global community would open arguments like this.
After all, women have no rights  at all in Saudi Arabia and are by all intend and purpose slaves to the men in their family.
All the rules and customs enforcing Saudi slavery of women would be against any acceptable constitution.

As they are even against the rules set forth in the Quran.

Think before religion!

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Just feel the need to share these

Islamic heaven

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One of the perks of being a ”believer” (of any given religion) is that; if you follow doctrine, you get the reward after death. Of course if you don’t you get punished big time. Now while all other religions see ”The Afterlife” as living in a higher form of conciousness, reaching enlightenment, live in God’s grace, etc. Islamic heaven is strictly about wealth and creature comforts. And sex. Endless sex with a dick which never refuses service, 72 houris which never refuse service, and if in want for some variety, pearly immortal boys, whom I take it will not refuse service…

female robot4

Let’s take it that you are saved from the fire and granted Jannah. Basically anything you might have wished for in this dreary world will be provided in abundance once you are dead. And have lived a rightious life. Let’s see, You get:

  • a house (with 70.000 rooms)
  • a garden, with water and lots of fruit which will always be chilled and food will always taste different
  • the seventy two houris, beautiful virgin maidens, who will remain virgins. whose flesh is translucent. who only have eyes for their husband
  • you will wear 70 dresses on top of each other , weightless and of the finest cloth
  • you will recline on green cushions sit on gold and silver thrones, feeling neither heat nor cold
  • you will be shaded by vines and bunches of fruit will grow close at hand (so no getting up to get some)
  • you will be served by immortal pearly boys….
  • with endless servings of wine from which you will never get drunk…..
  • out of golden trays and cups the most delicious food will be handed around
  • you will eat for 40 years
  • you can stay forever
  • you will be 30/33 years old forever
  • you can eat forever fruit and fowl and have an eternal binge
  • when not having enless sex with a penis which will never wilt

Seventy two houris, at your service….

So far Islamic heaven…
Now my hubby often reminds me he will have his 72 houris, who will adore him forever. And then I ask: ”What’s in it for me?”  Because all this stuff is for the men. So what will I, the loyal faithful wife get?
Not much  it seems.
I will get the joy of spending eternity with my hubby. And his 72 virginal adoring houris. With a little extra thrown in: If I am shrewish or bicker with him or anything, the 72 houris will tell me off in no uncertain manner …
That’s a bit unfair I think, 72 against 1.

It’s unbelievable!
As if the earth isn’t male-orientated enough! It’s going to continue in exactely the same way in the afterlife!

There is another snag… As an unbeliever I am going to burn in hell. So hubby has kindly offered, as he likes me so much, and I am so satisfying as a wife, and if I continue in this way, to exchange his houris for my entrance to Jannah.

So I am set after all.

There’s always a way…

female robot8

More women die every year by unsafe abortions

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About 70,000 women die every year and many more suffer harm as a result of unsafe abortions in countries with restrictive laws on ending a pregnancy, according to a report.
So while overall terminations have fallen, In those coutries with restrictive policies, the highest number of women are affected.

There were 41.6m terminations worldwide in 2003, compared with 45.5m in 1995. But in 2003, says the report, 19.7m of these were unsafe, clandestine abortions. The numbers of those have hardly changed from 1995, when there were 19.9m. Almost all the unsafe abortions were in less developed countries with restrictive abortion laws.

“Virtually all abortions in Africa and in Latin America and the Caribbean were unsafe,” says the report. In Asia, safe procedures outnumbered unsafe because of the large number of legal abortions in China. Most of those in Europe and almost all in North America were safe.

The figures are hard to obtain in countries with restrictive laws from hospitals dealing with women damaged by backstreet or self-induced abortion. But the institute, which has been monitoring the numbers for many years, is confident of the picture it paints and hopes it will influence policy makers.

“Our hope is that the new report will help inform a public debate in which all too often emotion trumps science,” said the institute president, Dr Sharon Camp.

Fundamental to turning the tide is preventing unwanted pregnancy, but in many countries there is little advice on family planning and contraceptive products are in short supply. “Women will continue to seek abortion whether it is legal or not as long as the unmet need for contraception remains high,” Camp said. “With sufficient political will we can ensure that no woman has to die in order to end a pregnancy she neither wanted nor planned for.”

The US has always been the biggest funder of family planning in developing countries, but a significant amount of it stopped under the presidency of George Bush, who reinstated a policy known as the “global gag rule” on arrival in office in January 2001. It removed funding from any family planning organisation overseas that had anything to do with abortion, including counselling. Another instance of bigotted religioun preferring regulations and bigotted doctrine over the lives of women.
Although European governments, including the UK, stepped up contributions, funds were short at a time when more couples were becoming interested in smaller families. “It really was a lost decade,” said Camp.
President Barack Obama has rescinded the policy and more US funds are expected, but the process of ordering increased contraceptive supplies from manufacturers and getting them to where they are needed will take time.

Where contraceptive use has risen, such as in the former Soviet bloc countries, abortion rates have invariably fallen. Worldwide, the unintended pregnancy rate has dropped from 69 for every 1,000 women aged 15-44 in 1995 to 55 for every 1,000 in 2008. The proportion of married women using contraception increased from 54% in 1990 to 63% in 2003. However, only 28% of married African women use contraceptives. Lack of availability is the biggest issue.

The report points to a global trend towards the liberalisation of abortion laws, which has allowed women with an unwanted pregnancy to end it safely. Nineteen countries have relaxed their restrictions since 1997. But in three countries, Poland, El Salvador and Nicaragua, tougher legislation has been introduced, the latter two prohibiting abortion even when the woman’s life is at risk.

“We have seen an increase in women’s deaths and teenage suicides in Nicaragua,” said Dr Kelly Culwell, of the International Planned Parenthood Federation at the report’s launch.

Camp deplored the exit of the pharmaceutical companies from research and development work on contraceptive products. “There used to be 13 major pharmaceutical companies with full-blown programmes of contraceptive R&D. Now there are none,” she said. Yet there was a real need for products women could use if they were having occasional rather than regular sex apart from the condom, which requires the consent of the man.

Honour killing export

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StoningHonour killings now happen abroad in more civilised countries, by migrant muslim communities.
It is of course culture rather than religion. But as long as religion insists on women being worth less as men, and as long as religious leaders enforce this injustice and  until the perpetrators of these crimes stop defending themselves using religion, we can’t keep it apart from religion.
And it is very worrying that western countries don’t give these crimes more notice.

There are honour killings all over the world now. I think that at least the western countries, where these crimes are regarded as murder, should pay more attention and make sure to hand out heavy sentences to the murderers. Including incarcerating or expelling the whole family if they are implicated.

Kurdish song, the victims of murder in the name of ”honour”

An Afgan childbride

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childbride torturedLook at this clip about an Afghan girl. She was send away from her family when only six years old. She went to stay with the family to whose son she was betrothed. For five years, almost half her life now, The abused her, and beat her. She had to sleep outside with the animals. They used her body as a table and cut the meat with sharp knives on her child’s body. They threw a pan of scalding water over her, broke her arm, and knocked unconcious. She crawled into the street at night, She was found in the street and brought to the police. She is now in a shelter.

Torpekay, for example, is an Afghan girl from western Herat Province. Although just 17, she has been married for four years.
Torpekay tells RFE/RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan that becoming a wife at the tender age of 13, being forced to serve her husband’s family, and having virtually no say in her own life have taken a heavy toll on her. So heavy, she says, that she tried to escape: by taking her own life.
She survived the attempt, and has been recovering at a local hospital. “I was so angry that I wanted to kill myself,” she says, asking that her surname not be used. “I didn’t have a knife, I didn’t have any drug to inject into myself, so I decided to set myself on fire. Using gasoline was the easiest way.”

These girls don’t even remember their wedding day because they were so young. They say, ‘We had a wedding, but we didn’t even understand what the ceremony meant.'”

The risk of death during pregnancy or childbirth for girls under 14 is five times higher than for adult women.

Heartbreaking interview with reporter Stephany Sinclair about what she saw in Afganistan.

Yemeni Childbride dies giving birth

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dead girlShe was only 12 years old.
She suffered for three days.

Fawziya Abdullah Youssef died of severe bleeding on Friday while giving birth to a stillborn in the al-Zahra district hospital of Hodeida province, 140 miles west of the capital Sanaa

any human with a flicker of reason knows that a little girl of 12 years cannot safely give birth. Anybody who isn’t a pedophile would not want to rape an eleven year old child.
But in Islam it is allowed to rape marry small girls as young as 6! And they make use of that ruling.
Child marriages are widespread in Yemen, but they also happen in Saudi Arabia. Not long ago a Saudi judge refused to release an eight year old girl from her unwanted marriage.

In February of this year Yemeni parliament passed a law that would make the minimum age for girls to get wed 17. Still very young! But, before the president could sign it, some lawmakers requested it would be reevaluated by the parliament’s constitutional committee.
They claimed the measure was potentially un-Islamic.

They consider marrying children against their will to old pedophiles a justified Islamic practice.
Girls are property, to be sold and handed over to old pedophiles as pleases the owners men.

The muslim man’s lawful right.

The muslim man’s sexual rights.

Where are women’s rights?

Didn’t I tell you? Women are property, property cannot have rights. Only those who own it can claim rights!


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