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Women’s Hell, Rapist’s heaven, God’s forgotten land…

Posted in Islam,rape,religion,The Evil that Men do,women by Save the Women! on October 5, 2009

Punishment for a rape victim in Saudi Arabia


The general consensus in civilised cultures is that raping women is wrong. Those men who do choose to commit such evil should be at least locked up to keep other women safe. But some societies prefer to deal with rape in a very different manner.

In Saudi Arabia society makes it easy on the rapists by blaming women for being women.

And for being raped.
Check out this article.


If you are raped you did something wrong.
Men are just men and can’t help themselves.
Because women do wrong all the time.
Because women are sin and guilt and all evil.
it is only reasonable they should be enclosed, locked up in segregated schools, houses, and when they are out and about, locked up in constricting suffocating layers of black cloth.

Oh, yes, to ensure nobody can object, they make some twisted references to religion, Islam.
Because religion makes sure nobody can complain.
It’s really like the tale of the Emperor’s new clothes…

So if a girl is being gangraped, and then is burdened with an unwanted baby, and tries to get an abortion.
What happens?
Do you think she might get counselling? She might get an abortion? She might get justice for the crime which has been committed to her?

If she is gangraped, a whole night long: she must have been at fault!

So she should be punished!
She gets locked up in prison! A whole year long! She is not allowed an abortion! She is sentenced to torture: 100 lashes!
All in the name of Islam and Allah, the just, the mercifull…..

And the rapists?
No punishment is mentioned.
after all they are men, they can’t help themselves.
Why should they get punished for what is a woman’s fault?

Believe it or not,
It could be worse…
In Iran a young girl got stoned to death for the crime of being raped…
She got stuck in a hole and men threw stones at her until she died.
All in the name of Islam and Allah, the just, the merciful…..

iran stoned to death


6 Responses to 'Women’s Hell, Rapist’s heaven, God’s forgotten land…'

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  1. oby said,

    I am horrified by the stoning. What I am even more horrified is that it is MEN carrying out the “justice”. I can’t help but wonder if there is not a certain adrenaline rush they get from this activity. Have they never thought that this is someone’s sister, mother, daughter or friend? Whay are the MEN not being treated to such a fate?

    • aerinndis said,

      Hi Oby! greetings!
      I don’t know. I cannot imagine how any human can do such acts, rape, death sentencing and killing.
      I am afraid you are right. They feel ”good” killing a woman.
      I am so sick of hearing about the crimes committed to women that I felt I had to at least speak out, That’s one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. I cannot speak out in public, but I can in cyberspace.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  2. cj said,

    Hi, i found this place when i tried to understand is there any retribution or justice done for sexual crime victims. It is sad to hear about Saudi arabia, and keep it up, i think women had the rights to be treated fairly. And i strongly believe religions is to help and guide a being onto a right track, bless everyone and may the world be healthier.

    • Hello cj, I also beleive women have the right to be treated fairly.
      I disagree about religions. I think religions are invented and made up in the imaginations of men. They cater for men’s desire to subjugate women. They are designed to keep women in an inferior position. religions are ruled by men who do not wish women to have equal rights to men.

  3. kind said,

    How could religions were blamed on this? Please just point out the religion we are talking about here as in my religion, every human being are equal in the eyes of God. The Bible mentioned the story where the woman was found committing adultery and was going to be stoned to death by the people. But Jesus told them ” Let the person without any sins cast the first stone” but they all went away and Jesus also told the woman to go and sin no more.
    The stoning to death was the penalty from the early ages but God made a new rule on the ten commandment that THOU SHALL NOT KILL. THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, what else is there to base the stoning of women is right?

    • Jesus woul;d ahve done a lot better if he has said: don’t kill women for adultery. Don’t be so obsessed with adultery; there are more important problems to be upset about.
      God and Jesus left a lot of important morals out of the bible
      God could have put into the ten commandment
      thou shalt not rape women and children,
      thou shalt not beat women
      Thou shalt not stone (death by torture) anybody
      thou shalt not make slaves of other people

      you know? 4 really good pieces of advice he could have put in pace of the first 4 where god is only obsessed with how much he is worshipped.

      I blame all religions. They are all evil and I am happy to go after all of them
      the bible in deuteronomy 22:23-24 says to stone women who ahve been raped if they did not scream loud enough! How disgusting is that?
      So you can stop claiming Christianity is better than Islam. Islam is based on the bible and the Thora, and some earlier superstitions.
      That’s why they are called the ”abrahamic\” religions. They are all nasty and misogynist and outdated and man-made.

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