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The Muttawa Human Rights Division

Posted in Islam,religion,religious police,Saudi Arabia by Save the Women! on October 6, 2009

Before you loose control and roll on the floor laughing

Never mind this travesty. This violation of logical thinking.
This really is from a proper media report.

religious policeSaudi Arabia’s vice police is planning to set up a human-rights division among its ranks. Supposedly in order to improve its image.

The Saudi Al-Watan reported that the commission was planning to restructure itself. A spokesman for the commission, ‘Abd Al-Muhsin Al-Qafari said the most important feature of the restructured commission would be the creation of an administration for field matters, restructuring the legal administration and creating new units, among them one that will deal with human rights.

This new unit will begin operating shortly under the direct supervision of the commission’s director and it will deal with human rights “in accord with just Islamic principles and international rights treaties.”

Wajiha Al-Huweidar, A Saudi human-rights activist, said the move was nothing short of hypocritical.

“Since when is interfering in people’s private lives part of the human-rights agenda?” She asked The Media Line rhetorically. “It reflects what they do. They harass people all year long and during Eid holidays they give away candy to people.”

“The religious police know very well that most Saudis want to see them disappear from streets and public places, because they only represent aggressiveness and oppression,” Al-Huweidar said.

“I think the Saudi government has realized that its reputation is damaged worldwide because the religious police and its image are ruined among Saudis, so now they are trying to beautify this repressive institution by using a new slogan…The religious police have to understand their time is over and they have to go.”

The decision to set up the human-rights unit coincides with several cases for which Saudi religious authorities are coming under scrutiny from human-rights organizations.

A 23-year old woman was sentenced on Saturday to a year in prison and to 100 lashes after she was gang raped. The court in Jeddah accused her of adultery, according to a report in the Saudi Okaz, and found her guilty of trying to abort the baby, since she was pregnant as a result of the rape. She will reportedly be lashed after delivering the baby.

This is not the first time cases of this nature have come up and similar stories in the past have drawn criticism from human rights organizations such as Amnesty International.

The Al-Watan website carried several angry and surprised responses to the decision to set up a human-rights division within the commission.

“What about the commission’s role in fighting deviant terrorist ideology, or is that not considered a vice?” asked Abdallah, apparently in response to the periodical clamp downs on certain ways of dressing. “Perhaps the term ‘vice’ refers only to pants, burqas and hair that shows beneath the hijab?”

“This is the best joke in history,” wrote A-Salihi. “The commission and human rights? How can two opposites sit together! Get real. The commission and its activities go completely against human rights and freedom.”

The whole concept is a joke!

It is like the Klu-Klux-Klan setting up a ”rights for blacks-division”. It really is. Nobody in their right mind would believe that. And so nobody will believe that the ha’ja will ever protect human rights. They will not even protect human life.
Not when it’s female human life.
Let’s not forget: This is the same organisation who chased innocent girls back into a burning building because they did not wear the abaya!

religious police fire victim


4 Responses to 'The Muttawa Human Rights Division'

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  1. Z Theory said,

    I don’t know which I find more primitive and shortsighted. The fact that they’ve just realized there’s something wrong and reacted to it, or their reaction in setting up a bogus human rights division. And what int. treaties is he talking about? Saudi never signed any Int. human rights treaties, not even the Universal declaration. If he means the worthless Arab charters where everything is loosely referred to Shari’a, then the last thing we want is another primitive interpretation of Islam.
    Their dark reign is decaying and now it’s just a matter of time and of our youth awakening.
    Nicely done, Aerinndis.

    • aerinndis said,

      Greetings Z Theory, and thank you. You might like to read this site.

      • Z Theory said,

        Thank you for the link, Aerinndis.
        In almost every treaty that Saudi has ratified, there would be a loose reservation on conflicts with Islamic law which clearly fails the Object & Purpose test of which every treaty is weighed. In the field of International Law, there is a complex debate on whether these sort of reservations are valid within the context of the treaty, balanced with the principle of states’ sovereignty and method of state obligation.

        My point was that what is typically referred to as the International Bill of Human Rights (consisting of the 3: Universal Declaration of human rights, the Int Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Int Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) is considered the constitution and corner stone of the fairly new discipline of Human Rights Law. Even some countries (I think it was post-Pinochet’s Chile) have adopted the bill in their national constitution.

        This foundational cornerstone (which does NOT conflict with Shari’a in anyway) was met with total rejection by Saudi Arabia, not even acceptance with reservations.

  2. aerinndis said,

    @Z Theory. I know. Saudi does not really agree with any treaty they sign. They sign for opportunistic reasons. By adding the ”religious” clause in every treaty they are all null and void. Saudi can break the most basic of human rights by cherry-picking broken texts from the Quran and the a-hadith. And all human rights evaporate on the hot sands.

    I agree that the Human Rights law is in accordance with the writings in the Quran. But those are not the bits Saudi likes to cherry-pick. They are the bits Saudi conveniently likes to forget about.

    And the a-hadith are questionable in the extreme! They are only given the importance they get because they are far more discriminating and unfair as the quran is!
    You could not base an unfair ”justice” ”system” like sharia on the quran. Much of Sharia is based on twisted a-hadith. This also includes the sick notion of ”marrying” pre-pubescent girls.

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