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Yemeni Childbride dies giving birth

Posted in child bride,Islam,rape,religion,Saudi Arabia,The Evil that Men do by Save the Women! on October 7, 2009

dead girlShe was only 12 years old.
She suffered for three days.

Fawziya Abdullah Youssef died of severe bleeding on Friday while giving birth to a stillborn in the al-Zahra district hospital of Hodeida province, 140 miles west of the capital Sanaa

any human with a flicker of reason knows that a little girl of 12 years cannot safely give birth. Anybody who isn’t a pedophile would not want to rape an eleven year old child.
But in Islam it is allowed to rape marry small girls as young as 6! And they make use of that ruling.
Child marriages are widespread in Yemen, but they also happen in Saudi Arabia. Not long ago a Saudi judge refused to release an eight year old girl from her unwanted marriage.

In February of this year Yemeni parliament passed a law that would make the minimum age for girls to get wed 17. Still very young! But, before the president could sign it, some lawmakers requested it would be reevaluated by the parliament’s constitutional committee.
They claimed the measure was potentially un-Islamic.

They consider marrying children against their will to old pedophiles a justified Islamic practice.
Girls are property, to be sold and handed over to old pedophiles as pleases the owners men.

The muslim man’s lawful right.

The muslim man’s sexual rights.

Where are women’s rights?

Didn’t I tell you? Women are property, property cannot have rights. Only those who own it can claim rights!



16 Responses to 'Yemeni Childbride dies giving birth'

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  1. Z Theory said,

    It saddens me that you make a generalization that Islamic law allows marriage to young (children) girls. What saddens me the most is the modern ill-constructed notions of rights and duties within the general sphere of Shari’a where it clashes with the supreme commands of ethics, moralities and beauty. And these modern constructions are the reasons for the recently witnessed ugliness in Shari’a (especially on matters relating to women) that most rational people contend.

    Shari’a was the first system to distinguish, in the spectrum of rights and duties, between the age of Tamyiyz (knowing right from wrong, aprox. at age 7), and the age of Rushd (maturity, aprox at age 18). The major debate on the age of marriage revolves around when did the Prophet marry Aisha, where several conflicting stories make it around the ages of 7, 9, 18 or 21. In several Shari’a methodologies which employs reason above the text this is not an issue. But even in the strictest textualists methodologies this cannot be taken as bases for ruling since the authenticity and soundness of the report is contested.

    I would not want to appear as an apologetic, or even a reformist. I would rather appear as a contender to the highjacking of Islam as a theology and a legal system for the legitimization of the political elite when it was once its watch dog.

  2. aerinndis said,

    @ Z Theory, But what is one to do? I agree the distinguishing between the different ages as Sharia did in early times to be very wise and advanced for the time. I also know Islam requires a woman (!) to be in consent before a marriage can be valid.

    But there is a difference between theory and practise. And I am severe in this: Theorie means nothing in effect. Practise means everything. Islam is as islam does!
    And what islam does (now) is to ignore the sharia and the quran when it suits. And to ignore that a small girl is only a small girl. And that the hadith claiming Aisha to be only 6 when marrying the prophet is a contested one.

    And they ignore most of all that these little girls DO NOT CONSENT to be married to old men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I am sorry, You wrote a compelling post and I wish all muslims would think as you. But the hard truth is that you and all like you are an overshouted minority. You will not be listened to.7

    In our time islam is a religion where harsh ideology rules and supression of women is indemic, and childmarriages are performed against the will of the children, every day.

    • aerinndis said,

      No matter which way you turn it. In the heart of Islam. In the most perfect country of islam, it is allowed to marry small girls against their will.
      They can even be married withour knowing about it!
      One of these little girls was denied a divorce twice now. Nobody can claim she is a consenting party!

      Another girl who wanted to be released from an arranged marriage to an older man was told she had to wait asking for a divorce until she was old enough!

      So a girl is old enough to get raped. Old enough to be pregnant. Old enough to die. But not old enough to ask for a divorce from a marriage which wasn’t islamically legal in the first place.

  3. fawad said,

    More teenage girls in the United States and United Kingdom become pregnant than anywhere else in the developed world, because they are poorly prepared for life in a modern and sexualised society, says a report out this week.

    Comment is editted due to xtreme length and being completely off-topic as well as paste-copied

    • aerinndis said,

      Fawad, greetings. My husband is Saudi. That’s why a lot of what I write has to do with that country. But I will write about women everywhere. The abuse and the mistreatment of women. You might be interested to know that in America, teenage pregnancies are higher in the so called ”religious states” as elsewhere. I think this is a global trend. Religion is not good for women.

      Patriarchal religions are at the basis of the mistreatment of women. That is what I write about. I am not American, I’m from Scandinavia.

      You do not make for a constructive discussion. I have seen this attitude time and time again on some other blogs I read. People are not happy with the post of a blogger, and they cannot discuss it in a normal adult manner. They start poining fingers at other people, other countries.
      You can point all you want.
      Girls are married (un-islamically) against their will in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. That is fact. They die in childbirth or lead unhappy lives. That is fact. That is an evil which does not go away because other countries or religions have their own problems with child marriages or forced marriages.

      As long as people stick their head into the sand and deny the facts about evil deeds in their countries, in the name of their religion: women and girls will continue to suffer the consequenses.

      You are welcome to discuss issues on this blog like an adult. without pointing fingers at others who are in fault as well. Don’t act like a small child. Speak as a reasonably thinking adult. Otherwise you have no place on this blog.

      I did not approve your comment starting with ”u are sick” because of this reason.

  4. aerinndis said,

    @ Fawad, I must say that I am deeply shocked at your heartlessness.

    I am telling the heartbreaking story of a little girl, raped and condemned to die, after three days of suffering. And all you can come up with is complaints. Blames against other countries. Endless long comments.

    And I am not to write about this evil? I am to write about other countries where they have child pregnancies? You are completely off-topic. This is not a post on teen pregnancies. This post is about girls, very young schoolchildren, who are married against their will. Whose future is taken away against their will. Who are raped against their will. Who are made to bear children before their bodies are remotely ready for such a burden. Who are left to die. And you bet that’s against their will as well.

    What about this girl????

    You have no heart.
    You have no compassion.
    You are selfish and cold.
    You have no honour.

  5. fawad said,

    i dont support child marriges,i dont like people who do it,and iam sorry for little girl,what iam saying u bring islam into every thing and start bashing muslims,where is your self respect?u live in this part of world and say abd things about people form here.

    u have no moral,u have no head,u have no batter things to do,just mind your own bussines,thing that bother me is why u brng islam into every thing?and plz stop telling the story OH MY HUSBAND is saudi,people like u bring bad names to all non saudi who live in saudi or want to come,live,marry in saudi.because of people like u,saudis think every non saudi in ksa,is there to harm there country and intrests,make money and bash the country and its people and values.

    comment editted due to extreme length being completely off topic and being paste-copy
    If you feel you need to share start your own blog

  6. aerinndis said,

    Fawad, please read the rules page. Please try to keep your posts a little more pointed.

    I am not the one to bring Islam into it! Its old pedo’s, who marry the little girls, who say they do so in accordance to Islam. They clam it’s their Islamic right.
    They are the ones who bring Islam into it.
    So don’t blame me, blame the real culprits.
    The parents, who often sell their little daughters, say it is in the name of Islam.
    And last but not least: The imams, who do the marrying and who surely can’t be supposed not to be islamic, do so in the name of islam. They marry girls who are too small to even comprehend what’s happening to old men in Islamic ceremonies.

    You try to keep Islam out of it. It’s not possible.
    And as I said before: for me it doesn’t matter what theories you can read in Islam. Islam is as Islam does. And what Islam does is sell little girls to old men who rape them. Islamically.

    What Islam does is let these girls die while trying to deliver a baby their body is not nearly developed enough to carry. They don’t care about the danger, Allah will help them. It will be allright Insh’allah
    And if Allah doesn’t, and they die, after three days of suffering and pain, I suppose they go out looking for the next victim they are so Islamically allowed.

    Did you not read my post?
    Yemen government tried to lower the age for marriage, ” before the president could sign it, some lawmakers requested it would be reevaluated by the parliament’s constitutional committee.
    They claimed the measure was potentially un-Islamic.”
    So it’s not me, it’s the Yemen Parliaments constitutional committee who think that passing a law stopping this form of childabuse is un-Islamic!!!!!

    How dare you blame me for calling this an Islamic problem when all the Islamic people call it so? If you do have a problem with this then do something about it. Chabnge it. But stop whining that I am not allowed to call this an Islamc practise.

  7. fawad said,

    if u have a heart,READ it and THINK,
    who take a 9 year or 15 year old girl as child bride may also go to hell!

  8. aerinndis said,

    fawad I placed your last comment in spam. You are banned from now on. Not only do you consistently spam, but you are very impolite and use very bad language. I will not have this in my blog.

  9. anya said,

    you\ve got 100% right

    i’m so sad, so sad about this girl and about muslims. how they’re treating their own daugthers, sisters and wifes? do they not have any respect for them? any feelings but hate and contempt? I think they should respect woman as a create of God (Allah) so if they rape and hurt and kill a woman, or girl, they do that against the God.
    I pray for the little poor girl, who was the beautiful gift for her family. A gift from generouse, loving God. But what the family did with this gift? They just wasted it. Wasted the great gift of life. They gave her to an old pedo and let her suffer and let die.
    I don’t think God will appreciate that.

    • aerinndis said,

      anya, it’s sad, people don’t know what their blessings are, and are not grateful for what they have to God, instead they search for empty pleasures and riches.
      Hell must be a very busy place…

  10. Mariam said,

    i’m impressed! these people are brutals and (no offence if someone is Arab) they are mostly Arabs. before Islam they burried the girls(when the girl was still alive) and now….
    i was moslem long time ago but now i just quit it! u know i think religion doesn’t work now ’cause instead of unifiying people just seprate them, gave them this excuse to kill a little kid like her!
    i juts can’t understand, are they out of mind

    • aerinndis said,

      Mariam, maybe some desert tribes buried their girls. But it seems fairly clear that there were several very advanced societies in what is now saudi arabia at and before the time of the prophet. The Meccan culture worshipped three Goddesses, Al Uzza, Al Allat and Al Manat. In cultures where goddesses are worshiped women automatically hold high status and respect and baby girls will be cherished.

      Now the Wahabbis have destroyed all Archeological evidence of those cultures where they could find it, but there is still enough left as proof. And they may be able to falsefy history in the saudi schools where they rule the curriculum, but the rest of the world is aware of the true history of saudi arabia.

      I don’t understand either.
      I really don’t understand how religion can trump humanity.
      How religion can trump parental love.
      Or maybe it’s greed which trumps parental love…

      I do not think that religion comes from God. If it did there wouldn’t be so many religions, with so many different aspects following each other through the ages. Surely God would have revealed him/herself 50.000 years ago? Why wait?
      And why is it that religions get born, and after a few thousand years are replaced? All of them?
      They just follow the mental evolution of humanty.
      The Abrahamic religions will be displaced too in their time.

      And when you look at what religions tell you it is clear it is man’s desires they proclaim.
      Nowhere is this more clear in the modern Abrahamic religion’s desire to force women into submission to men, and take their rights away.

  11. whitegarlic said,

    “She was only 12 years old.
    She suffered for three days.

    Fawziya Abdullah Youssef died of severe bleeding on Friday while giving birth to a stillborn in the al-Zahra district hospital of Hodeida province, 140 miles west of the capital Sanaa”

    is the girl in the 1st pic u refer to?
    ur information wasn’t true, she’s from Malaysia, being killed after raped by a cruel people so called human.
    I noe the story cuz im from malaysia
    that case happened last year if i think
    poor kid, I can’t even imagine how a person could do that to young children like her

    • Hi whitegarlic. no there was no photo of Fawziya. I choose this picture as a symbol for all girls killed by bestial men.
      And I wanted a picture which shows innocent beauty destroyed by the criminal behaviour of men.

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