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Honour killing export

Posted in honour killing,The Evil that Men do,Uncategorized by Save the Women! on October 13, 2009

StoningHonour killings now happen abroad in more civilised countries, by migrant muslim communities.
It is of course culture rather than religion. But as long as religion insists on women being worth less as men, and as long as religious leaders enforce this injustice and  until the perpetrators of these crimes stop defending themselves using religion, we can’t keep it apart from religion.
And it is very worrying that western countries don’t give these crimes more notice.

There are honour killings all over the world now. I think that at least the western countries, where these crimes are regarded as murder, should pay more attention and make sure to hand out heavy sentences to the murderers. Including incarcerating or expelling the whole family if they are implicated.

Kurdish song, the victims of murder in the name of ”honour”


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