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Islamic heaven

Posted in Islam,religion,Uncategorized,women by Save the Women! on October 15, 2009

One of the perks of being a ”believer” (of any given religion) is that; if you follow doctrine, you get the reward after death. Of course if you don’t you get punished big time. Now while all other religions see ”The Afterlife” as living in a higher form of conciousness, reaching enlightenment, live in God’s grace, etc. Islamic heaven is strictly about wealth and creature comforts. And sex. Endless sex with a dick which never refuses service, 72 houris which never refuse service, and if in want for some variety, pearly immortal boys, whom I take it will not refuse service…

female robot4

Let’s take it that you are saved from the fire and granted Jannah. Basically anything you might have wished for in this dreary world will be provided in abundance once you are dead. And have lived a rightious life. Let’s see, You get:

  • a house (with 70.000 rooms)
  • a garden, with water and lots of fruit which will always be chilled and food will always taste different
  • the seventy two houris, beautiful virgin maidens, who will remain virgins. whose flesh is translucent. who only have eyes for their husband
  • you will wear 70 dresses on top of each other , weightless and of the finest cloth
  • you will recline on green cushions sit on gold and silver thrones, feeling neither heat nor cold
  • you will be shaded by vines and bunches of fruit will grow close at hand (so no getting up to get some)
  • you will be served by immortal pearly boys….
  • with endless servings of wine from which you will never get drunk…..
  • out of golden trays and cups the most delicious food will be handed around
  • you will eat for 40 years
  • you can stay forever
  • you will be 30/33 years old forever
  • you can eat forever fruit and fowl and have an eternal binge
  • when not having enless sex with a penis which will never wilt

Seventy two houris, at your service….

So far Islamic heaven…
Now my hubby often reminds me he will have his 72 houris, who will adore him forever. And then I ask: ”What’s in it for me?”Β  Because all this stuff is for the men. So what will I, the loyal faithful wife get?
Not muchΒ  it seems.
I will get the joy of spending eternity with my hubby. And his 72 virginal adoring houris. With a little extra thrown in: If I am shrewish or bicker with him or anything, the 72 houris will tell me off in no uncertain manner …
That’s a bit unfair I think, 72 against 1.

It’s unbelievable!
As if the earth isn’t male-orientated enough! It’s going to continue in exactely the same way in the afterlife!

There is another snag… As an unbeliever I am going to burn in hell. So hubby has kindly offered, as he likes me so much, and I am so satisfying as a wife, and if I continue in this way, to exchange his houris for my entrance to Jannah.

So I am set after all.

There’s always a way…

female robot8


36 Responses to 'Islamic heaven'

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  1. Lynn said,

    I don’t understand how anyone can know all that and NOT think that Islam is a JOKE! And that’s just one issue about Islam where all the red flags go wild!

    • aerinndis said,

      Greetings Lynn.
      Well, it has a lot to offer for men. What amazes me is women falling into it. Like my post said, the rewards are rather tawdry when you’re a woman….
      And that’s just one issue to write about πŸ˜‰

    • Argus said,

      Christian Heaven isn’t a great deal different, methinks. A few less Houris and a few more harps … about time they updated it to free iPods …

      • in christian heaven you spend your time looking at god and praising him. Not very interesting either. Chritianity relies more on the horrors of hell to blackmail the believers. Islam uses both the blackmail of eternal torture for small ”crimes” and the enless orgie, eating, booze and sex with willing virgins. and pearly boys.

  2. oby said,

    I really liked this post after the others which made me cry for women and for the abuses they suffer and the unforgivable loss of human potential that will never be fulfilled…for men who have no concept of what a wonderful helpmate his wife can be and how an equal relationship can give nuance and joy to his life FAR GREATER than anything he will ever know in his male dominated myopia. I cried for humanity…because ultimately these women whether Muslim or not are connected to all other women. If through the Medieval application of cultural norms we treat even some women in such a deplorable manner I have great fear for the survival of this world. I believe that it is the women that will keep this world intact. Leave ti to the men and they will war and subjugate it into oblivion.

    I am glad that your husband will trade his 70 virgins for your entrance into heaven…surely, none of them could compare to his wife anyway! πŸ™‚ I am reading a book by a Muslim woman named Irshad Manji. In the book she cites new studies by scholars that have been done about how the word used to describe virgins is now thought to perhaps have been mistranslated all those centuries ago. It seems it is now thought that instead of virgins the word might have been RAISINS…which she said during the time of the Prophet would have cost a princely sum…Is it raisins? I am not sure the jury is in on this one yet, but it made me smile wondering if indeed, since it was such a rarity then and creature comforts seem to be all important in the Islamic afterlife, if it was raisins. I kind of like that thought better. Seems to be a less unfair advantage.

    Great posts, thank you.

    • aerinndis said,

      Dear Obi, thank you for your excellent comment.
      I would like to know the title of the book you’re reading.

      I am sorry, this is rather a dark blog. This is a place where I scream in frustration about the evil done (mostly to women) in this world.

      And I agree on the houri’s not really being virgins, I have books too πŸ˜‰ And the early qurans were written in Siriac, the lingua franca of that time, and they contained words from many different languages. Arabic at that time was a primitive language. It was more a collection of dialects. The trading people all spoke (and if they could write) Siriac.
      Now it seems that when the quran was given a definitive form much later, the guys who wrote it did not know much syriac, not did they know a lot of the words from the other languages used.

      I am defenitely going to write a series of posts on this.

      As far as the word ”houri” goes: This is not an Arabic word. And it is used when the description is about gardens and fruit. Taking all together, as well as the creepy descriptions of the houris: Chilled, translucent with the veins visible, black pits (eyes), I think they were white grapes. Also, the quran contains a lot of the early bible, and the bible also places much attention to the white grapes you will have in heaven.
      Actually, there are many researchers and scientists who are now convinced ”houri” means ”white grape”

      Makes one wonder about the mind of the translators….
      What were they thinking of?

      • oby said,

        You know so much about it! Big thanks for the clarification. Now that you mention it, I could be wrong but I think she said it might have been white(golden) raisins…something about the white part rings a bell.

        Actually the book is not about the translation of the Koran. It is about a woman who in her dismay and horror about the state of her own religion(killings allowed, justification for enslaving non Muslims etc.)started on a journey to understand what, exactly, the Koran said. why is it not applied with the general goodwill of other religions. Why is always in turmoil etc. I have not finished the book so I confess I have no idea what her findings are or the results…but so far what it boils down to is that right wing hardliners hundreds of years ago have distorted the teachings to fit their agendas and in doing so have crushed the Muslim tradition of Ijtihad (critical thinking and independent reasoning). This in turn has caused Muslims to take the Koran literally and not adapt the Koran for Modern times.

        The name of the book is “The Trouble with Islam Today”.

        A couple of links you might like:(you might have to copy and paste)

        Keep up the good work!

  3. Muhajer said,

    Ok ladies. Please do not take our virgins. Raisins is not a good replacement. A Ferrari, Porsche, big Boat, etc. may be a better replacement. Are you kidding me, I am not giving all these pleasures of life for Damn Raisins!!!

    • aerinndis said,

      Bad luck Muhajer! It’s raisins! And very healthy for you too! gni, gni, gni!

  4. Muhajer said,

    A Muslim man makes it to heaven. The head Angel hands him a box of Dole raisins. The man looks at the box with disappointment. He finally gets the courage to complain to the Angel and says “I demand sex, give me my promised Houri’s.” The Angel points to the field with a grin, where 100’s of pearly boys are running and playing.

    Heaven is for gays the man mumbles as he starts chasing the boys.
    This is the wisdom of Allah he thinks. With all these Houris and people living forever, population control will be impossible.

    And he lives happily (Gay!!!) ever after.

    • aerinndis said,

      Muhajer! You are too naughty!!!!
      you will lead the creepyist people to this blog!
      I hope you can reconcile yourself to your future life in heaven…
      With your raisins and pearly boys….

  5. aerinndis said,

    @ Oby: Thank you for the links, they are great! I must get that book. This is also my reason for trying to find out what it is with Islam, to see how women are treated in Islamic countries and then have people telling me that Islam protects women, So what is going on? So I set out to learn.

    I will post a library list I think!

    • oby said,

      You will love the book. It really is a call to Muslims to stop blaming the west and everyone else for their problems and to address and take ownership of what they do themselves to contribute to their own problems and how they can help themselves change the situation. I find the book engaging and non offensive in that she doesn’t hate monger but looks at issues honestly and confronts the hypocrisy. If Islam can be restored to it’s former reliance on Ijtihad all issues you confront on your blog should be resolved.

      I also am a member of Women for Women International. They are a group that go into various countries (ironically most of them are Muslim-but not all) and work with women there in the form of micro loans and they teach them a small income generating business as well as human rights. Over the years I have sponsored probably 8 women or so (the program is for a year). I get letters and updates of what the ladies are doing. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that you educated even one woman.

      • aerinndis said,

        Oby, I am ordering the book from Amazon, I read the sites you gave here and I am really impressed with this woman.
        Thank you very much for sharing this.

        I am now looking into your Women for women link. That looks exactely like the sort of thing I would like to support best!

  6. Dude said,

    you’re not a happy person are you?

    • aerinndis said,

      Greetings Dude! You seem to be the kind of person who should have a close look at the ”Rules” page

      I’m getting shagged every day by my super saudi stud husband so I am very, very, very happy. Especially as this will keep on in Jannah for eternity.
      I hope you like raisins because that is all you will get.

  7. Aafke said,

    brilliant post.
    And I like the way you deal with obnoxious commentators.

    • aerinndis said,

      Thank you.
      I guess we have the same kind of humour.

  8. Ok this cracks me up! You are much braver than I am when it comes to tackling “this” topic – Good on you! It’s always great to have a fresh voice out here and I’m glad it’s such a smart one. Keep up the good work and thanks to other commenters for the outside links…good stuff all.

    • aerinndis said,

      Sand Gets In My Eyes, greetings. I love your blog! I am not at all brave, I am very anonymous. As things are I have to be.
      And I am very happy that so many intelligent people are so generous and share their own knowlege and links.
      This helps me too.

  9. almost converted said,

    will i be reunited with my husband in heaven? Or will we have our own ”companions”?

    • aerinndis said,

      You will be reunited with your husband in heaven. I’m not sure what will happen if you remarried though. Maybe women can have multiple husbands in heaven.
      After all, it’s heaven.
      What I do know is that when reunited with your husband you will have the pleasure of watching him going off with his eternal virgins all hours of the day and night, and if you complain you will be chastised by the 72 eternal virgins.
      Who are way more beautiful, dutiful, and virginal as you have ever been.

      So guess how much fun you can look forward too in heaven.

  10. daniyal khan said,

    well i had the same question in my mind too. if men get all this stuff then what do the women get??? but maybe it hasnt been told for a reason or if you look at it this way that a man goes into a women but a women does not go into a man during intercourse. maybe there is some logic in behind that. and there is one other question in my mind. why do men want soo many women???

    • aerinndis said,

      Because they are greedy selfish bstrds?
      After all, not all men want multiple wives, not all men want women to be ”subservient”, not all men want women to be a lsave gender.
      Those are the good men.

      And Islamic heaven, as described is, in my opinion, a men’s wet dreamn. One of the not so good men.

      That is also why women don’t get any real rewards in heaven, according to this wet fantasy: such men never even get the notion that women are snetient beings who would also expect something in heaven.
      Besides, once you create a society where women have no say, then you don’t have to appease the women; you only have to seduce you male followers with promises of riches, food, and endless sex with virgins.

  11. unkown said,

    How dare you all bitches and mother fucker make fun of my islam first look at urself u people fuck ur mother and sister u all dont know who is ur child’s father listen gays and ass holes u all have fucking problem in ur ass thats y u are saying about Musilms. I am a women and i am happy with my life.

    • aerinndis said,

      How do I dare? Because it is not really ,me who is making Islam ridiculous. It is Islam itself which makes itself ridiculous. With ridiculous promises of insane riches, foodbingeing and sex, sex, sex.
      One endless ”Grande Bouffe” in riches, food and sex.

      And you are making yourself and Islam ridiculous with your bad language and bad grammar while trying to defend your religion.
      Nice example of a muslim you are!
      And you sure don’t sound happy!
      Or feminine…

  12. iloveallah said,

    i have nothing to say but fear no other than allah as all your deeds will be judged on the day of judgement by no other than allah…

    • aerinndis said,

      You would need to believe in Allah first.
      Then you have to set aside all logic thinking.
      Then you have to deal with the fact that Islamic heaven is desiged for men.

  13. Bilal said,

    I just came across this blog and was pretty intrigued by your posts. I just have a little question. Actually its more of a comment. Your claim that Islamic heaven is a male fantasy, builds solely upon the virgins. Maybe, as you said so yourself earlier, its just raisins, then the entire posts, comments and your rant becomes pretty pointless, now doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

    • @ Bilal, greetings, No, because if the ”virgins” are raisins it is still remarcable that the translators who translated from the origional Syro- Aramaic did make that mistake. that all the men took it up that they still believe it, that there is a hadith about the number of virgins you get according to you deeds. And if the virgins never existed in the original text, but they were grapes, what does that say about the validity of hadith? Makes clear hadith are made up.

      You will hear about suicide bombers and their families, being happy he is now with the ”black eyed”
      this superstition is alive and well amongst muslims. And as the believers make the religion it is now religion and people kill themselves and others for ithis male wet-dream.

  14. WhoDoINeedAName said,

    I know I’m a little bit late, but this is an awesome blog!! I just googled “72 virgins for women” to see if you ladies were promised a little action too πŸ˜‰
    Guess not 😦 sad day!

    Raisins?? Are you kidding me? The hadiths hare pretty damn descriptive when they say things like “appetizing vaginas” and “swollen breasts” and what not.

    You know what’s funny, I am not a Muslim, but when my Muslim friends talk about the Bible and stuff, they start telling me how the Bible has been altered and stuff by the translators, etc.

    Well, if Muhammad was actually talking about “raisins” and the hadiths and stuff say “virgins”, I think there might be a little – just a little – lost in translation πŸ˜›
    And if that is the case, maybe there’s a lot more that’s been altered in the modern day Qur’an and hadiths – so why believe in it?

    If Muhammad really meant virgins, then Islamic Heaven is a little too male chauvinistic for my liking.

    Anyway, thanks for this post, Aerindis (or Save The Women! – I don’t really know who to thank here :S )

    • It is not very wose of Muslims today to claim that the Quran has never been altered. There are a lot of bizarre or obstruse passages which become a lot clearer when you take into account that the quran was first written in Syriac. when translated badly into arabic many mistakes were made.
      the oldest qurans ever found, walled up in a very old mopsque in yemen, show some pages being scraped and rewritten, altered. and another problem was that the earliest qurans were written without the dots, without vowels, only consonants. Only later the quran was unified. And as Islam spread the quran changed and was unified again. And Uthman had his version of the quran made the only version and all others were destroyed. So there has been quite a lot of messing about with the quran. Same as with all old books.

  15. md said,

    Houri has no gender…It means someone good, beautiful… Allah has promised houri for both men and the women…If its a men then he ll get his companion(houri) and if its a women, she ll get her men(houri). HAVING NO KNOWLEDGE IS BETTER THAN HAVING HALF KNOWLEDGE. PLEASE DON’T POLLUTE YOUR OWN BLOG.LOL.

    • yes, allah promised houris, never heard from women too, I am not interested thank you. I do not think having endless orgie is oaradise.
      allah also proised 400 virgins and 8000 non-virgins to me. doesn’t matter.\what does it mean that jannah is a oplace where men get to drink, eat, and have sex forever with houris women and pearly boys. what does that mean? who made this up? what mind made this up?

      • md said,

        Its not just about having sex , its all about spending a happier life in heaven…this world is like an exam for u, passing here will land u in heaven or else in hell…Not only Quran talks about it but even Jesus (peace be upon him), and every messenger of Allah said this… as the way Allah made nature on the earth,like eating, drinking , having fun and all , the same way He has made us a place in heaven which is far most better than wat we have ever imagined… You are only stressing a point talking about sex in your posts but there will be loads of other stuffs like flying on a horse with a speed of a rocket , yet enjoying the ride like a roller coaster drive… Listen… there are so and so many things to do,its not all about having sex..what u wish, u will be given there… there are loads of other things which grab your attention, where as sex is just a part of your life….

      • You can have me fooled. You are fooled, in islam bheaven is about booze, food binging, ridiculous riches, sex with willing virgins,sexwith wives, sex with pearly boys, and continuing sex with a dick in eternal erection.

        And that is only for the men of course.

        I think we do much better here on earth. Here in the real world we live a nrmal life. islamic heaven seems rather a silly place to me.

        You cannot compare silam to christianity. islam is based on judaism, christianity and the local paganism, so ofcourse you get the same stuff in islam as you get in christianity and judaism.

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