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Kuwait revokes discriminatory law

Posted in Uncategorized by Save the Women! on October 21, 2009

This is from a blog in Arabic, it is very funny, if you can read Arabic you should check it out.

The supreme court of Kuwait struck down a law from 1962 that requires approval of the husband for the wife to get a passport.
That law was deemed unconstitutional!

Maybe this change to the good has something to do with the fact that earlier this year four women were voted into the Kuwaiti parliament.

quwait parliament

This could be why the Saudi government is so set against forming any kind of constitution or laws. Any constitution which would be acceptable to the global community would open arguments like this.
After all, women have no rights  at all in Saudi Arabia and are by all intend and purpose slaves to the men in their family.
All the rules and customs enforcing Saudi slavery of women would be against any acceptable constitution.

As they are even against the rules set forth in the Quran.


4 Responses to 'Kuwait revokes discriminatory law'

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  1. oby said,

    Hooray! I can only hope that this is the beginning of some positive steps forward in the lives and representation of women. It is a baby step but every journey forward starts with the first step!

    • aerinndis said,

      I hope so too. At the moment there is a kind of battle going on in Kuwait between the normal and intelligent versus the Wahhabis!

  2. MoQ said,

    I am glad to see that Kuwait finally has a decent parliament and a supreme court that guards the constitution. Now if they manage to change the constitution to strike down article 2, where it states that the country is ruled by religious laws, they will close a major loophole.

  3. aerinndis said,

    I think the wahhabis will fight that one to the death.

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