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Think before religion!

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Just feel the need to share these


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  1. MoQ said,

    Religions and their deep pockets have gone unchallenged for a long time. It is nice to see atheist finally getting involved in promoting rational thinking. The world will be a better place for it.

    Thanks for sharing the videos. Viva Atheism….

    • aerinndis said,

      MoQ, greetings.
      I also thought, finally a good commercial for atheism, about time!
      Thanks for enjoying.

  2. oby said,

    I don’t think atheism is the answer.

    Having said that, I am not sure that religion of a prescribed type is the answer either. It has destroyed and damaged so much humanity over the millennium. God could not have wanted all of us killing each other and fighting to be followers of the THE ONE TRUE FAITH. It is this attitude of “mine is better than yours” that has divided rather than unified the world. It is ridiculous that we can’t agree, that even though most of the worlds religions say the same thing at the heart of it, that we believe in the same GOD even though each of take a different path to get there, that we can’t get along. Would God truly want us to fight about who has the inside track to HIM or would he rather we spent our lives in the fruitful and fulfilling pursuit of emulating His love manifest on this earth for our fellow humans no matter which path they choose to find Him…or not as in the case of atheists.

    Perhaps a universal truth is the best truth or at least we should agree to respectfully disagree until God sends someone back from the dead to tell us who is right!

    • aerinndis said,

      Oby, I used to think exactely like you do. But now I think there is no god. I think relions are wholly made up by men.
      But I do want to discuss these things.
      As things stand now I hold ”religion”and especially those who govern it, responsible for the majority of evil committed on this planet.

      • Lynn said,

        I agree completely thay religions are mad up by men. However, that fact does not prove that there is no god it just proves that men will use the fear of the unknown to control people.

      • MoQ said,


        Agreed, no one can disprove the existence of a god or multiple gods for that matter. However, the proper requirement of prove should be with the people that claim the existence of something.

        So far the theory of god(s) have not been proven by anyone and the idea is handed down by religions. Since you reject religions, should you not also rethink the entire concept of the creator?

        What atheist believe is that the existence of a god is just one of many possible explanations of our existence.

  3. lark said,

    I admire you and your blog.

    • aerinndis said,

      Lark greetings and welcome.
      I love your comment. Please visit often! 😉

  4. Miss Turtle said,

    I would say that to most of the believers, religion is a remedy against loneliness…

    • aerinndis said,

      Miss Turtle, greetings. Interesting comment. It makes me wonder what religion means to different people. I think most people are afraid to stand on their own feet. And also find consolation in the thought that whatever happens to them is ordained by an omnipotent entity.

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