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The dead eyes of a religious child

Posted in child abuse,Islam,religion,The Evil that Men do by Save the Women! on October 29, 2009

I am sorry for the length of this post and the many videos. I could not make it shorter.

The presumption is that a child is naturally belongs to the same religion as their parents.
There is no such thing as a  ”Christian child”, or a ”Muslim child” or a ”Buddhist child” . A Child is of no religion. It’s the parents, their social surroundings who train the child to be of a certain religious denomination.

Every child born of a Muslim father is automatically a muslim. Judaism does the same with children born of the mother. These are religious edicts.

Of course Islam, even more prepared to deal with any contingency of its adherents to think for themselves, makes it very clear that if that child grows up and changes its mind about the enforced religion it was born into, it should be killed as an apostate.

Religious bigots even go one step further by training and conditioning some toddlers into becoming a carbon copy of the totally bigoted adults. These children are brainwashed and then instructed, trained and paraded as circus animals to give out the same rants as the elder ”scholars/ministers of their religion. Just look at this boy, trained to give out his rant complete with the correct voice modulations: exactly as the old fun, music and women hating misogynist he has been trained to parrot.

This is child abuse. Make no mistake! This doesn’t happen by a friendly weekly religious hour at church or madrassa, These children are psychologically tortured. First they are scared out of their wits. Literally. Their minds are broken.  They are brainwashed. And when they are empty and broken and lost in their never-ending fear, they are given the release of redemption. But only if they comply fully and unquestionably to the religious tenets of their tormentors. When that is established they are programmed to mimic the rants and hatred of their insane keepers. This is classic brainwashing.

Christians also inflict this madness to their children. These little preachers galore around the planet. I can only imagine that the grown up trainers think that if a child which can barely talk makes these religious statements, they will be regarded as divine truth.

While in reality they can only be the result of a circus-like training

You can get a three-year old child to parrot your own delusions, that still doesn’t make them divine truth. And with all these video’s I have posted here, don’t you see one thing in common? Whatever their religion and the rants they have been taught, these children have dead eyes. Every now and then they look into the camera and behind the dullness of their eyes there is a wondering look.
I can see it in all these children. Can you? I really want to know if others can see it too.

The notorious movie ”Jesus camp” , shows this process applied to the children of fundamentalist christian parents in America. This kind of abuse is inflicted on children all over the world, as Palestinian children are groomed to blow themselves up and kill innocent people, so Christian children are groomed to make war on anybody who thinks differently.

We, I mean those people who are not warped by bigotry and misogyny have to make a stand against this evil.
Or our children will be next.


11 Responses to 'The dead eyes of a religious child'

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  1. oby said,

    This is soooo frightening. Fundamentalism/radicalism in ANY form is an abomination and IMO a slow growing cancer in the world. These children cannot possibly understand what they are repeating and are unable to make an informed decision on any level. I am Christian and it makes me sick to see parents use their kids in this way to spread a virulent form of “religion” that condemns everyone other than those that agree with them. This is where hate and terrorism come from be it Christian, Muslim or another. You cannot reach out to God with an open hand while shaking a clenched fist at your neighbor.

    IMO, NO ONE knows what is in the hereafter and it is not up to us to do God’s work for Him. He and ONLY He can be the final judge…and what if there isn’t any God. What a waste of a life to have spent it hating for what?

    • aerinndis said,

      Oby, but it is exactely these parents who will not agree with you. They are so arrogant, so sure they know what’s in God’s mind, that they think they’re doing the right thing. And ofcourse the pleasure of parading their kids in public.

  2. Anony-mouse said,

    This is SHOCKING. I’m trembling with fear and anger.

    Thanks for posting this.

    • aerinndis said,

      Yes, shocking is the right word! And there seem to be many children all over the world which are abused in such a way.

  3. MoQ said,

    The kid in the first movie can only be described as a prodigy. Instead of his parents directing his talents to a field that can help man kind, they focused him on preaching fear. What a waste of talent and a bright mind.

    I feel all these kids had their childhood stolen from them. It is also very likely they will not escape from the radical path that their parents charted for them.

    • aerinndis said,

      It is very sad.
      Some kids rebel big time though when they grow up.
      Not that I think this is possible for a muslim kid, there’s always the injuction for other muslims to kill an apostate.

  4. Snap said,

    Is that really true about the injunction for other Muslims to kill and apostate? In which countries is this occurring?

  5. It’s in the hadith: apostates are to be killed. And that can happen in any country really.

  6. aynur said,

    That is really disturbing. Especially the Muslim girl one, saying that about Jews – my oldest daughter is 5 and I can’t even imagine her saying anything like that about anybody.
    Calling her a “true Muslim” and “no one could wish for a more devout girl” oooooo I’m scared … these kids are just parroting, there is no way they can actually “think” about what they’re saying at such a young age!!

    And I get the forwards occasionally from people (or the posts on facebook) with the very young children reciting the Qur’an – sure, it’s nice to listen to, but they’re just repeating what they’re taught.

    • Yes, these children have no notion of what they are being taught to repeat. There is no belief in children so young. they simply do not understand what they are repeating.
      But that is simple psycology.
      What makes me wonder is how adults can be so dull that thinking such drilling and mindless parrotting can be misunderstood for piety.
      I think the Islamic way of ”teaching” or ”drilling” dulls the mind. Closes the mind to independent thinking. That is what frightens me most. Zombie minds…

  7. David said,

    I can’t really see the connection between American Christian fanaticism and Muslim’s who train the children to go out and kill innocent people. For the most part most “Christians” in America aren’t really Christians at all. You don’t see the kind of miracles and sovereign moves of God, as can be read about in the scriptures. The reason for this is the American Christian church is a puny, weak, make you feel good, kind of social club. Most Christian church camps are more about working youth groups into an emotional frenzy than actually teaching them to be Christ like.

    What is up with the talk bubble on the video where the youth is made out to be saying “Help I’m being raped”? This is really immature and takes away the authoritative punch your web site could deliver.

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