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Is veiling a free choice?

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I am writing this post in response to a post on ”American Bedu”.¬† The very best blog for those who wish to learn about saudi arabia.

(apart from mine ūüėČ )

However diplomatic or politically correct you may want to put it. The fact is that there is no free choice for women in saudi arabia. Women are legally minors all their life. All women are always under full control of a man. choice is only possible where it is given.

And what of the mind? Freedom of thinking is a point too. I do not think many women in saudi can think freely.¬† From a very young age, or at least after puberty, girls are treated as less than boys. Baby girls will get no attention from saudi women, but if you have a baby boy they will swarm around you and admire him. Some people don’t even count girl children. If you ask them how many children they have they only count the boy children.
Girls are told from childhood on that their body is ”Awrah”¬† shameful and forbidden. You have to imagine this: being shamed all your life that your body and face are a source of shame to your family.
they are also told that if they do not veil they will burn in hell. And they are very good about really scaring the little girls about all the details of torture in hell.

Islam tells men they have to do a ritual cleaning after they have touched a woman before they can pray. This equals women with black dogs and donkeys they are the same level.
They are unclean and require ritual cleaning.
I know women who truly believe that if they uncover their face it will cause mayhem and destruction all around. They have been indoctrinated that women are walking vagina’s. That’s why muslims who like women to be covered never equate leaving hijab and/or niqaab off with being ”normally dressed”. They always equate it with walking around naked and women being whores. Which is stupid.
Even eight-year old children are dressed in a black shroud because even at the tender age of 8 they are nothing but walking vaginas.

Click here for what women look like according to Islam

There is nothing romantic about veiling. It is restricting your movements and your view. You are literally cut off from the world. It is naturally insufferably hot. Imagine wearing black, often synthetic fabric in the blazing sun and very hot temperatures. Imagine having hour head and even face covered in this material. Imagine having to go shopping and carrying heavy bags, and your children while gasping for air. The niqaab also restricts your breathing, however the male shop assistant assures you it is ”perfectely breathable”.
And with all this you still need to call up the strength to fend off either the forever harassing men, or the CPVPV who complain your hands and ankles aren’t covered with thick gloves and stockings. (In Jeddah there is far more leniency)

There is absolutely no choice. Women are harrassed when fully veiled. A less than fully veiled women will be followed and abused mercilessly by large groups of men. Boys will chase the woman in cars and and make a big scene around her as if she is whoring. And don’t forget the family or the spouse. The shame of a woman’s face and body is the shame of her family. Women are told all their lives long that their face and body is a sin and a shame for the honour of their families.
Many men demand their wives veil. Even if you are a western woman, and lived and dressed normally in the west, when you come to live in saudi with your husband he may very well demand you veil. And you will have no freedom to refuse.

There are real punishments, including torture for women who do not veil. Also in other Islamic countries. Women who do not cover according to the level men think they should get acid thrown into their faces. This photo shows a woman after being beaten by the police in Iran for wearing ”inappropriate hijab”

Don’t talk about freedom for women in saudi arabia. There is no freedom for women to refuse wearing veils, but there is also no freedom to think. Thinking critically is discouraged from childhood onwards. The schools do their best to stamp out any kind of independent thinking in both girls and boys. But especially girls schools. Some schools take the girls to the morgue where the dead are being washed for burial. They are told that that is where they will end up. And if they don’t follow the rules, described as Allah’s rules, they will go to hell and be tortured for eternity. The society is bent upon breaking women’s spirits and the only thing which will save a woman is a family and father who will protect his daughters from this never-ending denigration of women.

So really. The issue of free choice doesn’t exist.
Women are both brainwashed into believing they have to veiland in case the brainwashing doesn’t take hold they are denied the freedom to not do so.


Relationship with a Saudi man, the fa√ßade and the Family

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2- The culture of façade:

In the middle  east nothing counts but how things look. If they look ok it is ok, no matter how bad the inside is.
This means that as long as the look is good anything rotten which goes on behind the walls is all right.

How does this affect a western woman meeting a saudi man?
It means that you really cannot ever rely on anything he tells you.

It means that you cannot rely on anything his friends or relatives tell you.

3- There is the Saudi family.

Make no mistake, the saudi Family is like a superclan. If you are not born into the clan you are never ever part of the clan. You will never be accepted as part of the clan. One of the reasons parents want their children to marry their cousins. They like to keep everything in the family. This is also the cause that many hereditary diseases are common and well established in Saudi Arabia: the inevitable result of many generations of in-breeding. A saudi woman who marries into another family will also not really be part of the clan; she belongs to another family, another clan. And when she is divorced it is expected that the other clan will take care of her. If the saudi woman’s clan is powerful they can protect her from to much ill-treatment. In the case of a foreign wife she is completely on¬† her own and without protection. If the wife is from another tribe she will be trusted less. If she is from an inferior tribe she will be despised. If she is foreign she will be deeply despised.
A family from the Hijaz might be more lenient towards a foreign wife, especially if the family is modern, has travelled, and has spend time abroad. But if the man has married the foreign wife without notifying his family, and without the blessing of the family, she stands a very poor chance of even the lowest level of acceptance.

Most foreign women do not realise how very important ”The Family” is in Saudi Arabia, and how much Saudi children are brought up to respect, honour and obey ”The Family”. A Saudi man will very rarely go against the wishes of ”The Family”. For a Saudi man the ”Family” will take precedence over his wife, who, unless she is a cousin, does not belong to ”the Family”, but to another ”Family” and is considered to give her allegiance to her own Family, not the husbands. She may therefore never be expected to belong to the husbands family. And again: in the case of a foreigner will never be trusted.

It is quite possible that a foreign wife will be treated very hospitable when coming to Saudi Arabia, bit as soon as the honours of hospitality have been paid, and the novelty wears off, she will mostly be neglected. She will certainly not been seen as a part of the ”Family” no matter how much she tries to conform. This mostly results in a very lonely existence for the foreign wife. In Saudi the wife is expected to have her own family to fall back on, and to protect her. In the case of a foreign woman, whose family is very far away and can do nothing for her, it means she stands alone.
If the wife isn’t fluent in Arabic the family will talk and gossip about her in her presence.
And if the Family doesn’t like her the foreign wife’s life will be hell. Really. Do not expect a Saudi man to stand up for his wife against his family, this is very rare indeed!

It matter very much if the Family is conservative or modern. In a conservative family a foreign wife stands very little chance of being accepted. The chances of a foreign wife being accepted are very small in any case. In a Saudi family the mother and sisters choose the wife for the son, Saudi families very often ”keep it in the family” and marry cousins. Maybe there was a cousin standing by already. So the son coming back having married a foreigner will encounter a lot of resentment. This resentment will be targeted towards the wife.
As men cannot do wrong in Saudi Arabia.
So¬† it’s the foreign wife who is to blame. For everything. Once in Saudi Arabia almost all Saudi men return to their default programming of Obeying The Family.
A very bad situation for the foreign wife.

Cartoonist attacked

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Kierk Westergaard is a Danish artist. He was one of the 12 artists who drew a cartoon on Islam for a Danish newspaper. He is the artist who was unlucky enough to get most of the attention. The cartoons were misused by Muslims all over the world to ”justify” Muslim agression and violence. If you know what kind of revolting cartoons are printed every day in Arab newspapers you will know how silly that is. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! You see cartoons every day which are almost like Nazi reprints in Arab newspapers on Americans, Jews and Christians.

Islamic militants have placed $1.000.000 on mr Westergaard’s head. Let’s publish his cartoon again. Perhaps if Muslims get insulted enough then maybe they will learn not to do the same to other people.
But I don’t really think that will happen. It’s so much easier to blame others for what you are doing yourself and then call on others to kill and destroy. In the name of Allah of course.

Mr Kierkegaard has survived an attack upon his life. A Somali man broke into his house, armed with a knife and an ax. Mr Kierkegaard and his five year old granddaughter were sheltered in a ”safe room”. The man tried to break open the door with the axe yelling the words ”blood” and ”revenge”. All in the name of the religion of peace of course. He is alleged to be affiliated with Al-Qaida and Al-Shabab. Al-Shabab spokesman Sheikh Ali Muhamud Rage told AFP news agency: “We appreciate the incident in which a Muslim Somali boy attacked the devil who abused our prophet Mohammed and we call upon all Muslims around the world to target the people like him”.
Can anybody still wonder why mr Kierkegaard’s drawing is not funny? Because this drawing is not an exaggeration, or a silly notion, as a cartoon should be.
It shows the truth.
And the truth is what hurts most if it shows you the reality of your evil. That’s why Muslims all over the world are so insulted by this drawing. They cannot abide to look upon the truth of Islam. But they can enforce its commands: Kill, kill, murder, kill!!!

You know what hurts my feelings? I can’t call it ”insulting”, I can only call it disgusting and evil:

It’s the images of innocent children, being indoctrinated with hatred and death. Being brainwashed to become mindless murderers. The only people who deserve being killed are the ones who do this to innocent children. And who are ultimately responsible for the ongoing murder of innocent people. Many of them muslims.
That is a thousand times worse  a thousand times more evil as a foreign artist making a drawing of the truth. Who lives in a non-muslim country and who is not a muslim, making a drawing showing the truth behind Islam.

These images are the really insulting ones. Not just to the whole of humanity. The one really insulted would be a just, loving and merciful  God. Like Allah is supposed to be, according to my nice muslim friends. The people who are responsible of these images are the real demons from the pit who deserve to be killed.