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Cartoonist attacked

Posted in child abuse,Islam,religion,Saudi Arabia by Save the Women! on January 2, 2010

Kierk Westergaard is a Danish artist. He was one of the 12 artists who drew a cartoon on Islam for a Danish newspaper. He is the artist who was unlucky enough to get most of the attention. The cartoons were misused by Muslims all over the world to ”justify” Muslim agression and violence. If you know what kind of revolting cartoons are printed every day in Arab newspapers you will know how silly that is. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! You see cartoons every day which are almost like Nazi reprints in Arab newspapers on Americans, Jews and Christians.

Islamic militants have placed $1.000.000 on mr Westergaard’s head. Let’s publish his cartoon again. Perhaps if Muslims get insulted enough then maybe they will learn not to do the same to other people.
But I don’t really think that will happen. It’s so much easier to blame others for what you are doing yourself and then call on others to kill and destroy. In the name of Allah of course.

Mr Kierkegaard has survived an attack upon his life. A Somali man broke into his house, armed with a knife and an ax. Mr Kierkegaard and his five year old granddaughter were sheltered in a ”safe room”. The man tried to break open the door with the axe yelling the words ”blood” and ”revenge”. All in the name of the religion of peace of course. He is alleged to be affiliated with Al-Qaida and Al-Shabab. Al-Shabab spokesman Sheikh Ali Muhamud Rage told AFP news agency: “We appreciate the incident in which a Muslim Somali boy attacked the devil who abused our prophet Mohammed and we call upon all Muslims around the world to target the people like him”.
Can anybody still wonder why mr Kierkegaard’s drawing is not funny? Because this drawing is not an exaggeration, or a silly notion, as a cartoon should be.
It shows the truth.
And the truth is what hurts most if it shows you the reality of your evil. That’s why Muslims all over the world are so insulted by this drawing. They cannot abide to look upon the truth of Islam. But they can enforce its commands: Kill, kill, murder, kill!!!

You know what hurts my feelings? I can’t call it ”insulting”, I can only call it disgusting and evil:

It’s the images of innocent children, being indoctrinated with hatred and death. Being brainwashed to become mindless murderers. The only people who deserve being killed are the ones who do this to innocent children. And who are ultimately responsible for the ongoing murder of innocent people. Many of them muslims.
That is a thousand times worse  a thousand times more evil as a foreign artist making a drawing of the truth. Who lives in a non-muslim country and who is not a muslim, making a drawing showing the truth behind Islam.

These images are the really insulting ones. Not just to the whole of humanity. The one really insulted would be a just, loving and merciful  God. Like Allah is supposed to be, according to my nice muslim friends. The people who are responsible of these images are the real demons from the pit who deserve to be killed.


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  1. MoQ said,


    I agree with you. I think the cartoons should be published widely. The publishers do not have to agree on what the cartoon represents, but I think a statement should be made. Threatening the freedom of expression and promoting violence should not be accepted. If many publishers take the stand, what will the crazies do, try to kill everyone?

    I also agree that the pictures of those children are far more revolting than any cartoon.

    I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work….

    MoQ, Thank you. I did not think the cartoons that funny to deserve a lot of attention. And I think it’s really stupid to denounce them as ”insulting”. They weren’t that insulting. Also compared with what you see in Arab newspapers: I’d say positivly mild.

  2. Maya said,

    As a Muslim, I was not offended in the least bit by the cartoons themselves. What did offend me however, were the reactions of extremists to the cartoons, and the uncreative, and untalented way in which these “artists,” tried to garner some attention, or promote some message through insults and shock value. But then, the latter objection is based solely on the value I place as an artist on professional integrity– which I feel that those artists lacked.

    I agree with your last paragraph– people responsible for perpetuating a culture of hate and violence are far worse than those who publish cartoons. People who reacted so strongly to those cartoons are in my opinion, not Muslims. They worship the idea of a man, not God. You would be hard pressed to see them mobilize to defend God’s “honor,” but they’ll run crazed in the streets to defend the image of a dead man (who’s likeness they have no record of).

    It was the newspaper who asked the cartoonists to make a cartoon for them, The cartoonists just did their jobs. I don’t think any of them wanted to be either especially noticed, or to be especially ”insulting” to muslims. Cartoonists have made cartoons on religion since hundreds of years in Europe. Nobody in Denmark had any idea about how a vcartoon could be insulting so much. I We still think it’s silly to be so insulted by a cartoon.

    i did not find the cartoons that funny anyway. In that light they are bad cartoons.
    But I think people in far-away countries have no right at all to tell other people, in other countries what they can and cannot do. Especially not if their own papers publish much worse cartoons.
    And what about those artists? Where is their professional integrity? I know they think it’s quite allright to make insulting cartoons about kaffir and jews.
    But you know, in Europe a cartoonist sees it as his job/calling, to make cartoons whcih make people think. So from the European standpoint there is no breach of professional integrity here.

  3. Wow – this is a very powerful post! A picture is worth a thousand words. I couldn’t agree with you more – thanks for a very well done post!

    Susie, Thank you.

  4. susanne430 said,

    Great post. Wow, those pictures are sooooo awful especially the one pretending to be a suicide bomber. :-O

    Yes, I was disgusted by that. But make no mistake, arab children, and especially Palestinian children are brainwashed like this all over the world.

  5. lark said,

    I wonder if one way to deal with the attempt to intimidate and silence the publishers and artists of these cartoons, is for all papers which do not have a large Muslim readership to create and publish such cartoons.

    Just overwhelm the intimidators with numbers.

    • aerinndis said,

      Lark The idea is good, but that is one of the points, the Jyllands-Posten was a paper for Danish, non-muslim readers. But that doesn’t stop muslims on the other side of the Globe trying to blackmail with violence and murder the Danish newspaper and government!!!
      And they were commisioned to illustrate an article about discussion of criticism of Islam and self-censorship.

      They surely got the discussion.
      And again, this is what cartoonists do: make a drawing which is supposed to be stirring and funny, it isn’t aimed at islam specifically all the time, Islam is but one of the world of subjects cartoonists ridicule.
      The whole point of a cartoon is that it is ridicule.
      To respond to a cartoon with death, murder and worldwide terrorism is insane. It really should be a wake-up call for all sane normal reasonable thinking people (whatever their religion) to make a stance agaisnt this kind of maniacal religion gone insane.

      Religion should be ridiculed in my opinion anyway.
      This reaction to a couple of bad cartoons in a very small unimportant country is to me the final proof that religion is dangerous and insane.
      And it is high time people stop respecting religion but take it as it is: different books, mostly written in a primitve past, with the claim that they were written by ”God”, capable of inspiring a susceptible percentage of humanity into a frenzy of homicidal insanity. On the slightest provocation. And therefore to be regarded with extreme suspicion. And rigorously policed, and never to be allowed any kind of political or any other power.
      I ahve no problem with people who feel they need relion in their life. But religion should never be allowed any power over people,goverments, whatever.

  6. Aafke said,

    This was in the news in the Netherlands too. I am disgusted by the way crazy muslims want other countries which are not their business to conform to their ridiculous ideas.

    Especially as you said, it is the job of a cartoonist to make controversial drawings!
    Artists should especially be free from censure.

  7. Lovisa said,

    The problem with this particular publishing is that it was done by a populistic rightwing and out right racist magazin. I’m from sweden and I’ve followed this quite closely. They tried to create a debate hostile to muslim refugees and succeded. 11 muslim diplomats tried to have a talk with the danish prime minister (or equivalent) about this, but he refused on the basis that “in the west we sit down and talk about things, we don’t resort to violence”. Talking being one thing he refused. It’s all really embarrasing. Freedom of speech should always be protected, but if they wanted a debate about that, why not publish pictures of all different types of gods and alike? No, they focused on islam… This is to be put in the context of current political climate in denmark, whitch is to say the least, quite openly racist..
    Anyhow, this was basically just a fill-in on the whole issue, to say that it’s never that simple. Freedom of speech- Yes please. Oppression of minorities – No thanks. Be they muslim, christians, LGBTQ, or other.

    • @ Lovisa,
      I thank you for your input in this issue.
      It is really interesting what you tell here. But I also think the matter is so far away to the start that it doesn’t matter anymore that the newspaper is of questinoable motives. I believe you when you say so. But what of that? There are racist people all over the world. And the reaction worldwide of muslims is insane still. hundreds of riots, dead people, everything.
      What’s wrong with writing a strongly worded letter to the papers? write articles denouncing the racism? nobody would support them
      But no, the islamic religious leaders call for murder and bloodshed. Kill kill!
      What sort of a reaction is that?
      Surely not a civilised one.

      I agree, everybody should have freedom. But publishing a few boring cartoons does not take away freedom. neither is it oppression. What is oppression is issuing death threats everytine you feel ofended!

      I always thought the cartoons were not very funny. A crime in cartoonism.
      And I still don’t see the fuss. if the muslims had not elected to make this world news nobody outside a very small readership in a very small country would ever have heard or seen them
      I call that shooting in your own foot.
      Why not focus on islam. Not that I think that is right, but there are groups everywhere on the world who focus on some group. That’s life.
      People have no right not to be offended. If you ARE offended, tough luck. \it’s a hard world. Learn to deal with it. grow some skin and backbone.
      I am offended daily because as a woman in saudi arabia I am less than human. every part of my body is shame and needs to be covered p. I am not regarded as a grown up but a child. I am shackled at every pace. I have no freedom. that is really offended. That does take away my freedom. That is hurting people. But if I were to say out loud I am offended people would laugh in my face.
      Have you ever seen the cartoons in Arab papers against the west and against chritianity?
      Trust me, these denmark cartoons are so mild in comparison. So the pot is telling the kettle it is black.

      |And south park does make fun of all religions, but due to some muslim’s readiness for extreme violence the network caved in and they hahve to let Islam out when they make fun of religion. That is pathetic.

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