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God’s punishment

Posted in child abuse,child bride,Islam,rape,religion,The Evil that Men do,women by Save the Women! on February 3, 2010

The difference between logical and scientific thought and religious thought is that science tries to find a reason.
Religion is far easier and less work: God wills it so. And if you suffer it is either God giving you a trial to make you a better person. Or, if you are more dark in your outlook: It is God wanting to punish you!

Because God loves people suffering he punishes a lot, and just in case you do not deserve being punished He makes sure that you are born a woman The male scholars tell us that God has put far more restrictions on women as on men. He  has placed enough restrictions in women’s life to make it hell on Earth.
The only women who have escaped this are the true believers. The women who delight in suffering for God. The women who find a masochistic pleasure in suffering for god. And this pleasure is enhanced by the comfortable feeling of being so much better, so much superior as everybody else.

One example is total obedience to your husband. Which would expand to your children. Which means that if your husband decides to sell marry your eleven year old little girl to an octogenarian pedophile, you submit. And you make sure your daughter submits because that is what Islam is all about. Submission.

If your daughter is then raped and dies nine months later while her tiny immature body tries to deliver a baby which it is not ready for then there are two explanations.

  1. the scientific explanation: A girl so young should never be considered ”ready for marriage” A girl that young is not full-grown. While she might have her menses, her body is not yet strong enough to carry and deliver a baby. (we are leaving the developement of her mind and her schooling out)
  2. the religious explanation: God punishes you for being so stupid and greedy to sell marry a girl who is way too young into bondage sexual slavery marriage. God punishes you for being a pedophile and not being able to keep you old hands off a little girl. Punishes you by letting her baby die or be born damaged, or by killing the little girl, or by killing both the little girl and the baby.

The other example is the gender specific hell of total covering. Despite God having designed our bodies. The clerics tell us He thinks we are so shameful we have to be covered to every inch of our bodies. Because He has also designed men to be weak stupid sexually obsessed pigs. Who cannot control themselves, (and cannot be taken to account) when the poor weak creatures are confonted with the sexual allure of hair, a face, bare arms, or hands, Two eyes, etc.

So it’s a woman’s jihad to suffer in layers of black cloth. Black.

Because to increase the suffering God has decreed (according to the scholars) all women should wear black outer tents. Now with the suffering comes a comfort. the comfort of superiority you feel when you contemplate you are a hidden pearl and sooooooo much superior as the whores who do show their hands and feet and eyes.
Now full veiling has its costs besides feeling sick, have your breathing restricted, not being able to see and being cut off from the world and being reduced to a non-entity. The costs are health. Because you are deprived of sunlight you are deprived of vitamin D which will make your bones brittle in old age, and cause you more suffering. But it will also increase the chance of your children being born malformed and diseased with rickets. Rickets is a horrible disease which is on the rise as more and more women are forced by religion to cover. A horrible disease which will cause unimaginable suffering in your children.

Rickets deform the bones and the spine.
It is a deficiency disease.  So a disease which is preventable. It was also a disease of ignorance and poverty. This disease has been abolished since a long time in the west.  That is, until Islamic veiling came to the west. Now it is back.  You can easily prevent rickets by getting enough sunlight on your skin for your body to make enough vitamin D to keep you healthy. And to enable your body to produce a healthy child. Children who are kept out of the sun will also develop rickets, even if they seemed healthy when born.

Now there are two explanations as to why the increase of the birth of children debilitated with rickets:

  1. Science: The human body needs an adequate amount of sunlight on the skin to enable it to make the vitamin which is essential for keeping your bones strong, and for producing healthy children. Lack of sunlight results in osteoporosis, and babies being born with rickets.
  2. Religion: God has made your body to need the vital influence of sunlight onto your skin. So the idea of total covering and veiling never was God’s idea. It was God’s idea that you should show enough bare skin to the sun so as to keep you healthy.
    The sad cases of rickets being on the rise is God’s punishment for being so stupid as to cover yourself completely with black cloth and never get out of doors in Gods nature. Feeling God’s sun on your kin. Feeling God’s wind on your skin.

Blogger Hikari reminded me of the idea that marrying little girls is also against God’s wishes. As demonstrated by the horrble suffering it induces.


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  1. internet elias said,

    Wow. Good post.

    Man CHOOSES his ‘poison’ to speak. And it has nothing to do with God. They say it does only to JUSTIFY the use of the ‘poison.’ God instructs man to ‘love your wives as your own body.’ God LIVES. And for does Lucifer. If a man does not have the LOVE and kindness of God in h is heart……he does have the DESTRUCTIVENESS of Lucifer in his heart….and, of course, Lucifer convinces them they are serving GOD.. Lucifer HATES God and the ONLY way he can get at God is to ‘mess up’ his creation…of which man is the head. But in God’s fairness…he gave man that part of Himself that is so POWERFUL…the ability to CHOOSE…moment by moment..minute by minute, hour by hour…day by day…week by week…month by month…year by year..decade by decade..generation by generation…until the End..where time stops being measured. Then the choices made remain for eternity. And ALL choices have consequences. Religions who require men to ‘rule’ is completely contrary to the will of God. He asks that we serve each other in love..with kindness, gentleness, and patience. And there are many who do just that. Who serve their fellow man and honor them all as the creation of God. People who repect the integrity of ALL people.

    The things we see on the news and know to be true concerning the subserviance of women…are NOT from God. In the Bible God uses the woman to symbolize His Church..the real one…not all the hateful, confused, judgemental, indoctrinated, selfish, devisive, holy-roller, misinformed, bible-thumping people who say they are the Church. These are the ones who say Lord Lord but do not have the presence of the loving Father within. When you see men serving others in respect and humility….you see the real personality of God. And they exist…all over the world. And my heart HURTS when I see what is done to women and daughters in the name of God. I can tell you…they are serving Satan. He is the liar, destroyer, hater of man and God….because he CHOSE to be that.

    Again, good post.

  2. Jaytoo said,

    Excellent post. Sadly, there are too many people, especially Muslims, who actually believe the nonsense that their “scholars” tell them in order to oppress women and assert their own superiority before their followers.

    Of course these people would just respond to your post by quoting ridiculous ahadith and saying that Allah commanded them to wear these full body coverings. (And whatever the “scholars” say is what Allah says and therefore must never be questioned…) Truly sickening.

    • aerinndis said,

      Jaytoo, greetings, you got my drift. It’s the scholars who make this crap up. To satisfy their desire to supress women. And if you hammer it in long enough, women will believe it.

      Can’t wait to see the firts ahadith quotes pop up! You have some awsome powers to foretell the future!

  3. Hala Maksoud said,

    You seem to be in a lot of pain right now. There are some really painful things that happen to people, especially if they do not live in the US. I know of a woman who had been married to a Muslim man for several years prior to 9/11 and because his name is the same as one of the terrorists, they moved to Saudia soon after.

    I worry for her and her two daughters. She does return to the states once in a while and I wonder if she is allowed to bring them or are they hostages to insure her return?

    My view of Allah SWT is not that he loves to hurt us, but that things just happen. I can not explain anything, I am not Allah SWT.

  4. Hikari said,

    I have never been a supporter of niqab, that is just the opinion I follow. I respect those who choose to practice it, I know great women who wear the niqab mashaAllah. But we have agreed to disagree on what we think is to be followed.

    It is difficult to hear about situations in the Middle East – us Eastern European Muslims, especially of Turkish descant that I am (mixed with Albanian) are waaay off from perfect, yes, but so different as Muslims than Middle Eastern Muslims. I mean, I consider myself free. There are those annoying traits and things in our cultures too, but that’s quite of ignorance, people don’t support it anymore – if it happens, it’s inside the family, not accepted in society though.

    I feel humble when God is mentioned, it is never happening for me to loose my faith in God and His wills. But humans, they are the ones I struggle to have faith in. To believe in their good, that they will learn, change to the better.

    Sick people excuse things so awful by mentioning God. Stupid, lazy and ignorant people follow them. Have a splash of charisma and power in your hands – you can do pretty much damage. But I have faith in believers to fight them, by His will. If I can’t change it with my hands, I’ll change it with my mouth and if not that, I will change it with the pen. They can take it all, but your heart is always there, so pray and pray! The loudest call is the one ehoced inside your soul. The one me and you can’t hear, but only God.

    My best regards, sorry for the long comment! I liked your post a lot,

  5. @ Hala,
    I am in pain for the suffering of others, not for myself. I am blessed with a loving and supporting husband and the freedom to do what I like.

    I do not believe either that there is a God whose greatest wish is to make us suffer. But this is what religious people tell us. All the time.
    You don’t like hijab? it’s women’s jihad and God will love you more if you suffer for him. Your husband beats you up every night? Pray to God and remember God puts these trials on you so you can reach Jannah.
    Any crap is what ”God wants you to suffer” according to these scholars. And for Pete’s sake never ever think you should actually do anything to stop abuse and rape and (God beware) walk around free of swathes of material and with your head proudly in the air where it belongs!

    But to read that more and more babies are being born with rickets! Horrible and unnessecary! And all for a misogynist patriarchal take on religion?
    How insane!
    And again and again the heartbreaking stories of eleven and twelve year old girls being married, if you can call it so, to pedophiles who have greatgrand chlidren her age? What are all these grown up thinking?
    So disgusting!
    I know what I am thinking: I am thinking that all their fake religious crap could be explained exactely the other way around.
    And that is what I did in this post.

    All those dead girls, and misformed babies (and there are a lot when girls this young are forced to have babies) and all those children being in pain and deformed by a wholly unnessecary disease like rickets are a curse from God.

    God curses your offspring if you think you have the right to impregnate a twelve year old girl. While having one foot in the grave.

    God curses your children If you believe the cutural nonsense that women have to completely cover their sinful bodies.

    If your friend comes without her children, or all her children, I think the chances are they are being held as hostages.
    Or maybe the man doesn’t mind if she gets out but the children are his property. So he doesn’t want them to leave the country where he has them in his power.

    @ Hikari.
    I love it when people share long comments.
    I by now have seen too much suffering and misery to believe people will come to good through Islam. They do so despite of Islam.
    But then Saudi Arabia is not the best place to learn about anything good coming from Islam. Anyway, I do have muslim friends from all over the world and so I know the great differences there are.
    the best Islam I think came from a friend who grew up in a very small poor village, where they did not have an Iman, and every friday one of the men read a sura from the Quran.
    No scholarly interpretations, no calls to hate infidels or how to beat up your wife, or calls to women to covermore, and more, and more…
    Just a simple straightforward belief.

    I wish all scholars and imams could be kept on an island. And never be allowed to speak to a congregation again!

  6. Achelois said,

    Thank you for this post!

  7. Elisa said,

    I love your blog. I am an American dating a Saudi man. I can’t even comprehend KSA being an actual place! To my western eyes, it is a complete dystopia! This country and religion has gone too far- it’s like women and girls are not even viewed as people! You, along with our fellow sisters in Saudi, have my total support.

  8. aerinndis said,

    Achelois, I hope people will start to think about what is reasonable and healthy!
    If only for their children.

    Elisa, greetings, and welcome to my blog.
    It is a comlete dystopia to many saudis as well. Bur so many have been brainwashed into this from baby onwards that they don’t know how dystopian their lives are.

    I don’t know your goals in dating a saudi man, but if they are anything beyond temporary fun I suggest you read my articles on relationships between western women ans saudi men.

  9. Jasmina said,

    I’m an orthodox christian…I’m groced up with the way little girls are treated in SA, and I wanted to cry when I saw those mass wedding photos form Gaza.
    😦 those tiny girls, happy to be dressed up, and with no idea what marriage is…they shouldn’t serve as someone’s prizes.They should play with their dolls. And their husbands…my God, beautiful young men who should be with girls their age. Imagine making love with immature little girl?!…Sadness. Madness.

    I so wish Mohamed didn’t marry Aisha until she was at least 15 years old… such a “legitimate” excuse for child abuse 😦
    Islam is not a bad religion, but I don’t get those female Islamic activists – so much energy over a piece of clothing…why don’t they turn their energy to protect their own sisters and daughters from their own???!

    Women ARE strong. They fought for their basic rights for centuries and won! It’s not disrespectful to ask from your husband/father/brother/son not to marry an immature child to a pedophile and further more, a SICK one.

    I’m so thankful for the liberty that I have…including suntanning on the beach for my health 😉

    • that mass wedding photo from Giza was not a wedding of older men to countless little girls. It is not customary for the bride to appear so a younger sister acts as a kind of flower girl and escorts the groom.

      I have borrowd a post from another blogger where it is worked out that the prophet married Aischa at a much later age anyway. I think it is pedophile muslims who keep up the myth that Aischa was so very young.

      The covering of the female form in swathes of black clot, the denial of personality by trying to make it a command from god to hide their faces is very central to the oppression of women in Islam.
      the entire covering is restrictive. The annihilation of your personality is restrictive, the being singled out as a sinful sexual object from childhood onwards is restrictive.
      All what excessive covering is is damaging to the freedom and liberty and human rights of women.
      that’s why so many women, muslim or not, try to fight it. That’s why the religious leaders try to brainwash girls as early as possible into believing it the the onl;y thing which keeps them pure and safe from raping men. That is the major reason for Allah to like them.

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