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Rape and infection with hepatitis B

Posted in child abuse,child bride,Islam,rape,religion,The Evil that Men do,women by Save the Women! on April 13, 2010

And all perfectely halal and according to Allah’s wishes as I have been told by some very sick people.
Usually men, who, I suppose, don’t want their own chances diminished when it is their turn, as old, sick riddled with std’s pedophiles to buy and rape little girls.

Are there parents who would want their little girl to be raped and infected with an std?

Yes, apparently such parents exist.











Woman suffering from livercancer due to Hepatitis B

In Saudi Arabia hospital staff were shocked when a 65 year old man with hepatitis b wanted tests done (compulsory in KSA) so he could marry an eleven year old little girl! The parents were anxious to get the tests done as soon as possible, so they could deliver their little girl into the hands of an diseased pedophile to be raped and infected with a deadly disease.

Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted virus which causes cancers.
To willingly and knowingly infect a very young girl, of eleven with this fate is tantamount to murder.
A slow death by cancer.

One wonders how much the old sick pedophile man paid for the privilege of raping a child and infecting her with his deadly std.

One wonders how sick the rulers and religious elite of a country like Saudi Arabia are to not only allow, but positively encourage an outrage, a crime like this.

I can’t tell you how utterly disgusted I am by hearing about these outrages, again, and again, and again.

We must not underestimate the fact that these outrages are reported in the papers though. In a country like Saudi Arabia such matters can only be reported if the ”powers up high” allow this to be reported.

And I think that the majority of the Saudi people are disgusted by this.
And while much has been said of ”change needing to come from within”,  This is rather difficult in a country like saudi arabia. Where political parties are forbidden, where people who are disliked by ”somebody high up” can just disappear. I think that a change in the ”people high up” will be much more effective in making a change for the good.


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  1. Nabil said,

    First of all, neither the rulers nor the religious leaders want anyone including this girl to be infected, hence the mandatory checkup.

    Second of all, he with glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

    -In the U.S., 7 in 10 women who had sex before age 14, and 6 in 10 of those who had sex before age 15 report having had sex INVOLUNTARILY (RAPE?). (Facts in Brief: Teen Sex and Pregnancy, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York, 1996).

    Let’s not forget this

    -In the U.S., 1 in 4 sexually active teens become infected with an STD every year. Some common STDs are chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts (also known as HPV – human papillomavirus), and herpes. (Facts in Brief: Teen Sex and Pregnancy, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York, 1996).

    The issue is sad, but why don’t you fix your home before telling us to fix ours?

    Every couple of months we hear of another priest molesting children under his care. Like this disgusting one:

    The Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy admitted he sexually abused deaf boys at his boarding school for 22 years. Victims tried for more than three decades to bring him to justice, but documents show that the church neither defrocked him nor referred him for prosecution. (

  2. aerinndis said,

    I would be surprised if they would stop the marriage. They certainly won’t do it to save a schoolgirl who is ten years too young from being married to an old geezer who could be her grandfather, and they won’t save her from infection with a deadly std either, these cases have happened before.
    They will only stop this crime from happening iif the public outcry becomes too great.
    So I stand by my point. The rulers and religious elite of saudi arabia condone these crimes against little girls.

    My home is Jeddah and I have never been American. I am getting tired of this childish pointing of fingers to others, ”they do it tooooo…”
    There is no justification for evil. And all this fingerpointing against the west leaves out one little detail: In the west these crimes arent’ considered normal, they are against the law, and unlike in saudi arabia, they are not official religiously supported.

  3. Nabil said,

    Saudi Arabia’s laws are based on Sharia and as such, certain things that are considered strange in one society does not make it strange in another.

    In the west pornography is legal so is homosexual relationships. The only taboo is as long as the person is old enough he can do whatever he wants.

    This year in many states they are voting to legalize
    cannabis (hashish).

    Only in the last hundred years did the west look at minimum age for marriage. In many southern U.S. states girls as young as 14 are allowed to marry as long as her parents consent to it.

    Islam covers the whole spectrum of human society from one end to the other. Certain tribes or people consider this age as acceptable.

    Again, the point that the older man has a sickness is another subject. This is not acceptable. As I said, the government has put in place mandatory testing for such diseases.

    People all over the world abuse power and wealth over the less fortunate. This is not the fault of leaders but of society as a whole, you, me and everyone else.

    You should’ve never kept silent and spoken out when this heinous act occurred. Still, you can do so. Writing on blogs is not the solution and sadly many stories tend to be at the very least over exaggerated when passed from one person to another.

  4. MoQ said,

    @ Nabil,

    In your effort to defend the morally bankrupt system of Saudi, you are forgetting a small detail in this case. The law that is put in place for screening by the incompetent government, only requires informing the partner of the marriage of the disease. The marriage license will be issued as long as consent is granted after the information is provided.

    Now we are talking about a child. What type of government allows child marriages to start with and what type of consent do you expect from a child. In this case the government failed as the father or whomever is her guardian may give consent. Second she is a female in a country where females are raised to obey. Another issue with consent is the pressure that may be put on her by the guardian even if she was an adult.

    Yes the Saudi government has implemented these tests after lagging behind many countries for decades. Further, these laws are toothless, because the rulers of the country have no Balls to stand up to the religious establishments in issue of marriage age and consent.

    Your arguments regarding what happens in other countries is pointless, because it is simply deferring blame. Further, you have to distinguish between governments not taking the responsibility of developing laws from the issue of people violating laws. The Saudi government fails in developing laws and judicial practices that protects its people. This is not a cultural issue, this a competency of governing issue.

    You also had a long rant about the owner of this blog exposing these practices. I think she is being a responsible person about educating people of the evils of this system. In your case you are a defender of it. You are attaching yourself to bankrupt morals.

  5. aerinndis said,

    Thank you MoQ.

    Nabil, one of the reasons testing was introduced is because of the very great incidence of inherited diseases. Due to the repeated arranged marriages between cousins in saudi arabia. This unhealthy policy of generations of inbreeding has resulted in weakening the population to a very great extend. Many rare genetic diseases are now firmly established in saudi arabia. One of the best known is sickle cell anemia. Very rare in the rest of the world, but rampant in saudi arabia.
    These tests were never designed to protect women and girls. Something has to be done before the saudi population sinks into irretrievable degeneration. And the testing is the feeble effort to do so.
    In saudi arabia the wish, the health and mental well being or even life of women is never a consideration.

    You will remember the three HIV men who were married by the family to three of their cousins. I bet the girls did not want to be married to dying infected cousin! But their wishes, their chances of a future and healthy life were callously sacrificed for the stupid outer façade. Because it would look strange if the men would not be married: these men, who contracted the HIV whoring around, were accommodated. At the expense of three healthy blameless innocent women.

    You speak as if women have any say in their future in saudi arabia. While you know very well all women in saudi are slaves to the whims of their mahrams.
    Look at the little girls who protest being sold off to old men? When does any saudi judge set them free? Where is the Islamic principle, written in the quran, that a ”woman” (it doesn’t mention small children) should give her free consent before a marriage can be valid?
    Saudi arabia does not follow the quran: It follows it’s own backward tribal rules. The religious leaders think they know better than the quran.

    What about the instances when women came to the prophet and he released them from marriages they did not want?
    Saudi arabia does not follow sunnah either.

    So don’t come here telling us that saudi arabia follows sharia, if you haven’t read the quran and know noothing of the sunnah of the prophet.
    Ignorance is not what the prophet ordered either.

    The first word Jibril gave to the prophet was ”read”. I suggest you do so before commenting again.

  6. aerinndis said,

    This post is about the selling of a 12-year young girl as a sex-slave to a diseased old man under the guise of ”marriage” in saudi arabia.
    Any more comments about how in america stuff may happen too are off topic and will be edited from now on.
    It’s a stupid and childish ruse to deflect attention from the topic under discussion.

  7. Nabil said,

    The vast majority of Saudis(including women) support both the government and laws based on Sharia. Is it not the will of the people that is of concern rather than other people’s view of what is right and wrong?

    My point of rather writing in a blog than speaking out in defense of this girl was, in my opinion, the wrong thing to do morally.

    We put too much blame and expect too much from the government. We all should do our duty and report abuse to the proper authorities.

    Studies have shown that information passed on via hearsay, at the very least, was distorted and/or exaggerated.

    Abuse of privilege is a world wide problem and is specific to no one country.

  8. aerinndis said,

    Nabil, your argument is flawed on all sides. For one, shariah is more based on the hadith as the quran, and prefers harsh hadith over the quran, so one could claim it is at least partially not Islamic. I don’t think it says anywhere that it is lawful to sell a little schoolgirl to a pedophile with a sexually transmitted deadly disease.

    Next we have no way of knowing what the constitutionally brainwashed populace of saudi arabia thinks as there are no polls, no freedom of speech, and anybody who does protest against the powers that be tends to dissappear or get arrested. Saudi prisons are full of people who do not agree with the criminally bad government.

    The last problem is your personal lack of humanity, while even the saudis stand up against this crime in abhorrence, all you can think of is coming up with badly constructed defenses against a regime which does nothing for it’s subjects but bring it evil.
    Your heart is nowhere to be found, your sense of justice seems non-existant.
    Your soul seems to know neither honour nor feeling.
    You are a lost human being.

  9. aerinndis said,

    And what do you mean with not speaking up?
    I am speaking up.
    On my blog.
    Because I don’t want to end up tortured in some crappy saudi prison.
    Don’t blame me for the system, blame the system.

  10. ali said,

    Nabil.. a woman cannot be married to anyone unless she says “YES”.. it is as simple as that and it does not happen in Muslim countries. Also, Sharia is not implemented 100%. And, Allah has warned in the Quran that if you do not implement the Book 100% , you will only get humility. This is what is happening and we have no words or examples to defend anything.

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