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The hanging of a young girl

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she was lonely, grew up without love, and she was only sixteen.
When religious men decided she had to die.
A death sentence for “acts incompatible with chastity”.
Her name was Atefah Rafavi Sahaaleh.

I have been thinking. I have seen how somebody got attacked on a forum because she said western women who convert to Islam are in a way traitors. To their ancestors who fought in the past for rights and equality in western countries.  To the other women who suffer in Islamic coun tires under sharia law. That  may be strong language. It was not wisely chosen.  But I agree. Western women who convert to Islam, with all they know or should know: Have an explanation to make. Questions to answer. There is much of beauty in the writings of Islam. But there is more which is ugly. There are words of equality and rights. But there is more of inequality. There is slavery. There is the abuse of women slaves. The official denouciation of women’s intellect. A woman’s testimony only counts for half a man’s. Woman have to obey men. Husbands can beat their wives.
And what about sharia law? Sharia makes a bad thing worse.
So can you answer these questions?

Did you read the Quran and hadith before you converted?
Do you understand what is said about women there?
Do you agree women are less than men?
Do you read the news?
Do you realise that in a country based on Islamic principles the women are opressed?
Have you seen them? thrown at an angry mob of men to be destroyed in a feast of hatred?
Do you agree that young girls of 8 years old can be married to 80 year old men? Or men who are diseased?
Do you agree a man can kill his wife without punishment?
Do you agree that women should be stoned for adultery?
Do you realise what Sharia law means to women?
Do you think you are safe because you are protected by the secular laws of your free country?
Do you turn away when you read or see what is done in the name of Islam to women?
Can you explain yourself?

If you were Born into an Islamic country, instead of in a free country,
This could be you.
This could be your daughter.
This is your sister!

You can see the whole documentary here:


My You tube channel

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I have my own You-tube channel. You can find it here

I mirrored this video. One does a mirror on you tube to keep it safe from other people wanting to get it removed.
You tube has removed this video from Nessrriinn’s channel. But you cannot stop reason on the internet.

Be sure to check out the other videos of this couragious poet, Nessrriinn

Good news from Egypt

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Egypt is cracking down on the sale of underaged girls to old men.

see newspaper link (in arabic)

An underaged girl got married off to an 82 years old man, in 2008.

The state has started a lawsuit about this. The verdict is out.

The Saudi man who brought married the girl gets 10 years. But he is out of the country and Saudi will not put him in prison.
The parents who sold her get one year each but suspended. Plus they had to pay fines.
The woman who arranged the sale marriage got ten years in jail.
She does this as a business; she finds rich saudi or khaleeji guys who want to buy marry underage girls, and gets paid for it.