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Good news from Egypt

Posted in child abuse,child bride,Islam,rape,religion by Save the Women! on May 22, 2010

Egypt is cracking down on the sale of underaged girls to old men.

see newspaper link (in arabic)

An underaged girl got married off to an 82 years old man, in 2008.

The state has started a lawsuit about this. The verdict is out.

The Saudi man who brought married the girl gets 10 years. But he is out of the country and Saudi will not put him in prison.
The parents who sold her get one year each but suspended. Plus they had to pay fines.
The woman who arranged the sale marriage got ten years in jail.
She does this as a business; she finds rich saudi or khaleeji guys who want to buy marry underage girls, and gets paid for it.


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  1. Justpassing by said,

    That’s great. I wish Saudi Arabia would do the same.

  2. I think there is nothing in Islam which does not allow this.
    In Islam life and health is most important.
    Women have to agree to marriage. That automatically means grown up women. The prophet released women who were married against their will.

    I think there is a proof in Islam of all these things. And so childmarriage could be stopped.

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