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My You tube channel

Posted in Uncategorized by Save the Women! on May 25, 2010

I have my own You-tube channel. You can find it here

I mirrored this video. One does a mirror on you tube to keep it safe from other people wanting to get it removed.
You tube has removed this video from Nessrriinn’s channel. But you cannot stop reason on the internet.

Be sure to check out the other videos of this couragious poet, Nessrriinn


4 Responses to 'My You tube channel'

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  1. Usman said,

    Your youtube channel tells a lot about you than does your blog. May you succeed in abandoning everything that you don’t want in your life.It would be good for each and everything involved.

    • @Usman, congratulations on being so clairvoyant.
      so ready to put people you have never met into a box.

  2. Aafke-Art said,

    This video is all over the internet right now. It is very moving and a very good poem. Thanks for sharing.
    i love the new theme
    And you have changed the name of your blog!!!!

    • I noticed! All my friends suddenly gave me the link to this video.
      Glad you like the theme. I think I have finally found the right one!

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