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One of the really barbaric punishments in Sharia law is stoning.
Stoning is a death sentence by barbaric long drawn out torture.

The Stoning of Soraya M (movie)

I have read that according to Iran’s Islamic penal code, men convicted of adultery should be buried up to their waists and women up to their chests for stoning.  favoured when it comes to stoning!
The little detail is that: to make the fun of stoning more interesting for the murderous mob of sick evil men there is one way of escaping death: if the victim manages to get out they escape death.

So they give the men a hell of an advantage here. Because you wouldn’t want a woman to escape! Actually, eyewitnesses have reported that in the rare cases a woman does manage to get out she gets shot.
Because a woman is always sinful? Because they don’t want to disappoint the men? Imagine having to let the poor guys go home without the pleasure of seeing a woman die. Imagine the detrimental effect on the women folk if they were to hear about a woman who escaped? Women might start to think?

Women in misogynist religions/cultures only exist to please the men. By being sex-objects, by being punch balls, and by being the dying entertainment at a barbaric mob killing.
Sharia law makes this very clear in its wicked satanic bias against women.

Any religion, any religion! which supports the sick male idea that women are second rate and should be treated as such is evil! And definitely MAN made!

Another ”divine” rule is that stones shouldn’t be large enough to kill the victim immediately.
The idea is slow death by painful torture. What if the victim would escape pain and suffering and die immediately? That clearly would not please Allah.
What kind of god puts up rules to kill and having them tortured while they are dying?
What kind of god rises up his subjects into a frenzy of mob-tortuous-killing???
What kind of god takes pleasure in evil?
Not a ”compassionate god” If you read the sharia law you can only come to the conclusion Allah is a mean misogynist little man. Not a god at all. A small-minded misogynist man. And lets not forget we got the religion of Islam by the word of one man.

There is nothing divine about a religion, or law, which singles out women as the evil ones, the stupid ones, the ones to be forced into insane covering and beaten and blackmailed and disregarded and raped and tortured and killed for the entertainment of men.
There is also a psychological angle to the mass effort needed in stoning or beating a woman to death. It bonds the men together. it proves to them that women are inferior. And if they felt any doubts about the morality, or evil done: they are made accomplices.

Any religion/culture which endorses this is sick.
Is backward.
Is barbaric.
Is following Satan.
not God.


Saudi law to stop childmarriage?

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There has been news in saudi arabia of the intent to issue new marriage contracts that require the age of the bride to be given. As an attempt to stop underage girls from marrying.

Human rights groups have welcomed the new measures, saying clear-cut rules were needed to ensure underage girls were not harmed.

Laudable plans indeed but in saudi it means nothing. We keep hearing every year that ”women will be driving soon!”
For the last 20 years….
We will be hearing this for the next 50 years. ”Underage girls will be prohibited from being married”.
And what if this would actually become law? There is no real law system in saudi arabia, judges are allowed to make up punishments as they please. (And it very often pleases them to give out public lashings.)  But it also pleases them to take bribes. all the men who participated in the sale of an underage girl to a pedophile would have to do is shove some extra money towards the judge and he will turn a blind eye or have the papers faked.
Girls are married off against their will quite often in Saudi Arabia and no judge protects them. It also happens that another girl, all veiled, acts as the bride and agrees in her name. The real bride being locked up at home. Who is to tell the difference?
I am afraid the selling of girls to pedophile husbands will not be stopped anytime soon…

“There is a serious drive by the [justice] ministry to determine an age for girls to marry following the recent reporting of older men marrying young girls,” an official told the Saudi-based Arab News newspaper.

The National Society for Human Rights welcomed the new measures.

“The marriage of underage girls has been in the limelight for the past three years,” said NSHR chairman Mufleh Al-Qahtani.

“A number of lawsuits have also been filed to stop fathers marrying off their underage girls to older men.”

In February a 12-year-old girl decided to stay married to an 80-year-old man, after initially filing for divorce.

A $22,600 (£14,174) dowry had been paid to her father just months before.

In 2008, the case of an eight-year-old girl who was married to a 50-year-old man was revealed when the child’s mother tried to annul the marriage.

Defenders of child marriage say the practice is part of Saudi culture.

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