Save the Women!

Which title?

Posted in Uncategorized by Save the Women! on June 1, 2010

I keep switching themes. But I really like this one. So I think  this theme will stay.

But I have been experimenting with titles. I am not sure which title i like.
So this is a poll, please vote which title you like best.

which title is most appropriate?

1-Save the Women!


2-Reason over Religion


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  1. snap said,

    1. is good, but it’s not only about saving Women, but children as well, and 2. is also good, but religion is not always the cause the abuse of Women and Children 😦

    BUT, I think in your blog’s case, number 2 is the best.

  2. lark said,

    I like ‘Save the Women!’

    It is much more of a unique sentiment, sadly.

  3. Justpassingby said,

    1- Save the Women

  4. MoQ said,

    I think #1 works well if you want to keep your scope narrow on women issues.

    #2 gives you more flexibility in addressing other issues with religion.

  5. I vote for Save the Women! It’s a much more potent statement – just like your blog is!

  6. ayshanne said,

    Reason says no. 2, heart says no. 1 🙂 Are you going to explain or are you going to fight? Are you patient enough to ‘translate’ the culture or does it anger you so much that you want to oppose it, even if only with your words? Whatever you choose, I’ll still read your blog 🙂

    • ayshanne said,

      I myself am tired with explaining to those who want or don’t want to listen. Little choice, really.

    • The culture? To be sure there is too much of repressive culture here. But then the people insist it is religion.
      And the Quran, as do other religious books, makes quite a few references to the ”inferiority” of women to men. And we know that is bullocks. We can see for ourselves every moment of every day that there a women who are more intelligent then men, who are more reasonable, more logic in their thinking. So it is not true to claim women are more deficient then men. So the great holy books who claim it to be so are wrong. So they are not perfect.

      I greatly enjoy all the nice comments you all gave.

      Pleae ayshanne feel free to speak your mind here.
      And thank you for reading my blog.
      And you made me think of something interesting.
      What is religion, what is culture, and if culture is made in religion what then?
      Very interesting! I will write a post about it.

  7. Snap said,

    Come on Ayshanne…you can’t get tired now! If you don’t speak there is nothing to listen to.

  8. Thank you all very much for responding. I find it difficult to find the title which is really covering my writing.
    I chose ”Save the Women” because women get the worst to suffer. (including children)
    ”Save Everybody”????
    I started this blog out of frustration. I needed a safe place to vent.
    to write down when I am angered by injustice and suffering and lies.
    My primary abode is not really a place where you can speak your mind. To use a eufemism.
    My lovely husband encouraged me to make up a blog. He reads blogs and forums.

    But then religion or rather, ”dogma” is so very often responsible for injustice and suffering. And always on the winning hand because ”religion” comes from God.
    I don’t believe in a god. Humans make it up. Like they make religion up. All religions, just read their books, are clearly made up. And all want to control people. And the abrahamic ones want to supress women. they make women second clss humans
    I think back to ”Save the Women” for now….

    Maybe in the future I will hold a contest: who can give me a name which really covers all I write about?

  9. Anon said,

    if you are going to write about women and children then you must include women all over the world .. .not only arabs. Or you have to change the title to Save the Arab Women.

    • Like I said, I haven’t found the perfect title yet. And if you had taken the trouble to read you would know that I have written about African women, for example.
      As I am based in the middle east it is only logical that most of my experience is with women in the middle east.
      also I want to write about all women. But I cannot spend too much time on my blog and there is so much injustice to women in the middle east already that I get stuck there.
      And my next post is allready written and about women in Malaysia.
      besides, women in the middle east are also women.
      So if besides criticizing me you could come up with a really good title to cover all you are welcome to do so.

  10. kasia said,

    I think ‘save the women’ cause it gives you more scope. you can cover religious stuff concerning women and cultural issues, and any other themes will nicely fit into it so you don’t have to limit yourself 🙂

    as i said in a previous comment : really like your blog:-) keep up good work!

    • I have switched back allready.
      I do like my blog but I casnnot blog as often.
      thank you very much anyways!

  11. Usman said,

    Let me suggest you one. I bet you can’t find a title better than this.It best suits the content of this blog, your sentiments, and the make up of the bloggers and commentators you are thriving in.

    Save The Women From Religion!

    One more thing: Take a side. In one post you appear to be saying that Islam gives women their fundamental rights. In other you claim that Quran is false as it suggest women are “inferior to men”. I am not putting you in box or arguing with you over your philosophy. Just giving you an opinion as a blogger.

    • You are right, religion is at the base of many injustices against women.
      And men.
      But it is not the only reason.
      Islam has some passages which could be used to give women their rights. But on the whole the religion is misogynist.
      However: if you are muslim and have to work within the tenets of islam you can still find some things to help you if you want justice for women.

  12. MoQ said,


    “I am not putting you in box or arguing with you over your philosophy. Just giving you an opinion as a blogger.”

    I think you are wise to not discuss philosophies. Logic is part of philosophy for beginners. Your argument that part of what STW said is the Quran gives women some rights, does not mean it does not take other rights away. That conclusion is what they call a logical fallacy, i.e. if a part is good that does not imply the whole is good also.

    This is one of the basic logical arguments as it can be proven by mathematics.

    I think you should study some logic before you make arguments like this. It makes you look weak as a debater.

    • Thank you.
      I notice that a lot of discussions on blog are a collection of logical fallacies.
      I wonder, do you think religious people are more prone to using logical fallacies?
      Because i think that to believe in any of the various wondertales about god you ahve to be prone to logical fallacies. otherwise you would see the illogic of it all.
      What do you think?

  13. MoQ said,


    “I wonder, do you think religious people are more prone to using logical fallacies?”

    Yes, there is a simple reason for that. All religions are based on Faith. In other words belief without logical reasoning. All religious people pride themselves on how strong their faith is. Since taking things on faith you, have a high probability that you believe in illogical things. Those faithful believes combined makes it impossible for a person to defend why the believe in it even to themselves. Hence, they have to twist their own logic to accept these believes and that becomes part of their thinking process.

    The more religious a person is the more faithful and Illogical a he/she is…

    • Snap said,

      Well said MoQ.

  14. ali said,

    Dont write ” Save the Women” .. it sound like a plea…

    The title should be .. like: Silent No more! A woman’s Blog

    And theme? Try the ” Wui” one.. or ” Cutline”.. should be good for this. Bigger Fonts .. also, try to put a Abayed Woman with a no silence sign as the Blog Pic..
    Creative? 😀

    You can have a good impact! Not that you don’t already.

    • Ali, this is a very good idea.
      and I will look at the other themes.
      i like cutline, many other people use it, but i have to find a good picture for the header.I do not know wui.

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