Save the Women!

informing on ”dependents”

Posted in politics,relations with Saudi men,women by Save the Women! on August 14, 2010

You see, in Saudi Arabia all women are always a ”dependent”.  no matter they are old, if they have a job, or if they are clever, they legally are only dependent children.’They are always listed on the family card as ”dependent”.

Women are default not capable.

So what happens is that when a slave woman, (or sponsored employee), wants to leave the country, the owner MAN gets a text message to let him know some of his property dependents are leaving the country.
The only reason for this can only be that the owners MEN are warned when their property dependents try to escape.

Just to make this clear: a woman is in essence a slave. and if she tries to escape her owner will be warned and will be able to stop her leaving the country.
When what?
she managed to forge his letter ”allowing” her to leave the country?
No woman can leave the Kingdom of Hypocrisy without a letter of her jailer stating that HE allows her to leave.

I wonder they don’t tag us, or clamp bracelets with gps on us. Or chip us. and maybe a tattoo or brand? To make sure our proper owner can always find us?

I see the future before me: Baby girls chipped at birth with gps and information on who owns her. That information to be adjusted when she is sold married.