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No sports for virgins

Posted in Islam,politics,relations with Saudi men,Saudi Arabia,women by Save the Women! on November 18, 2010

Saudi ladies suffer a great deal. They suffer from depression, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. The reasons women suffer from ostheoporosis in such a sunny climate is because they hardly go out. If they do they are covered under abayaat, hijaab and niqaab.

There are gyms for ladies in the larger cities. They are mostly in umarked buildings for privacy. it is also dangerous to publicize because the religious police like to close ladies gyms because of their immoral character.
The gyms for men are of course out in the open and very nice.

State girls schools forbid any kind of physical activity.

By conservative people sport for women is seen as immodest. Even immoral.

Why are sports forbidden to women?

According to the grand mufti : ”Women should be housewives, there is no need for them to engage in sports.”

Other clerics argue that sports are absolutely off limits only for virgins, who could become unmarriageable if they were to damage their hymens through athletic activity.

And there we have the crux of the matter.
A woman has only value if she is a virgin.
After losing her virginity she is only good to stay in the house, provide sex and babies for the hsuband. That is her task in life. Nothing else.

And the backward thinking saudies still believe not only that all virgin women have hymens, but also that they all bleed on first sexual intercourse. And that a woman can damage her virginity with sports or even moving around too much.

You even see young women walk very slowly in a weird rolling way. they do so because they believe that walking with a normal stride endangers their virginity: their only asset for which they are valued.
and no sports which would make them strong and healthy. these things are of no importance the only thing which counts is the hymen. A woman has to cover and veil because she is a walking hymen.
The only value of a woman is an undamaged hymen.
When that is damaged she has no value: she is used goods.


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  1. Aafke-Art said,

    Sports also make you strong..
    Imagine strong and healthy women! I am sure Saudi men are afraid of strong healthy women…
    Sad story…

  2. I am saudiwoman doing Kung fu Shaolin. I am doing my best to promot sport but not alot of girls are interested. They think that they might lose their virginity!..
    When I couldn’t convince them that sport as nothing with virginty I gave up and now I tell them ” So what.. its just stupid membrane for god’s sake!!!! ” then they look at me down!!! lol

  3. Omaima Al Najjar, salaam!
    I know about the virginity scare. But then the friend of a cousin of my husband was rejected by her fiancee because she had a car-accident and needed surgery.
    And they say it was a scam to cover up she lost her virginity!!!

    You are right! and it is not just a stupid membrane, a percentage of women do not have a hymen at all, or do not bleed the first time.
    It is a really stupid idea.,

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