Save the Women!

Honor killing in Pakistan

Posted in honour killing,Islam,politics,religion,The Evil that Men do,women by Save the Women! on November 20, 2010

Warning: This video show graphic images of burned and mutilated women!

Bigger warning: This video shows men bragging about killing and disfiguring women and why they have the right to commit these crimes!


2 Responses to 'Honor killing in Pakistan'

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  1. Ash said,

    Der is no such thing as honor killing in Islam.For crying out loud do not blame what ppl do on the religion.

    • Ash.
      Oh no, I will not let religion of the hook so easily
      Religion is made by men. Religion is as men do.
      If men stop killing women for ”honor” and stop claiming they have the right to do so given by Allah, or whatever god they claim. Religion is to blame.
      If the whole of islamic world would stand up and denounce honor killings I would say different.
      But they do not do they?

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