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Changes in the Quran

Posted in Islam,religion,women by Save the Women! on January 28, 2011

There are proofs that the quran has not been unchanged through the ages.

There are actual qurans which are very different from the quran we know today. Why is this important?
It opens the possibillity of appraising the quran for what it is. A book written 1400 years ago, by much more primitive people than we are. with a much more primitve and barbaric worldview. and that means that we can relate the passages which are now contrary to human rights in their proper time and space. It means that Islam can change. that women can be given human rights.
It means that veiling was never meant for what they use it now.
Using syriac to re-read the quran the advice is to wear a girdle around your hips, not to veil.

The houris are white grapes. That makes the text a lot more logic.
The suicide bombers will get a few chilled of grapes, not willing virgins.
It also fits with early christian images of heaven. And we know there were early christians in Arabia.


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  1. Argus said,

    Does this mean that many thousands of deceased warriors are now spitting out endless grape pips when they thought they’d be getting eternal free sex?

    What will this do for their recruiting? Or will the revelations be glossed over, and quietly buried?

    • This has offcourse been strongly attacked. and it will be completely ignored because it doesn’t fit their current tactics of claiming the quran is the literal never changing word of god.

  2. Argus said,

    Sadly the solution seems unattainable—education. People must be taught to think for themselves; how to gather information. sort information, verify, analyse,m conclude etc.

    But education is in the hands of the fanatics (profiteers) and the insane (in the west they are called ‘mad mullahs’) (while avoiding the issue of the western equivalents).

    I try to spread three simple Rules Of Thought; which will help anybody in the search for Truth (I leave religious ‘truths’ out of this) namely:

    1. Everything must either ‘be’ (exist) OR ‘not be’.

    2. Nothing can at the same time both ‘be’ and ‘not be’.

    3. Contradictions do NOT exist. When you find an apparent contradiction, check the premises … one of them at least is wrong.

    This is the real world, of course. Religious people can make any claim they wish and so long as their ‘truths’ are backed up by armed force, who can object?

    Good luck.

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