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The view is getting dim

Posted in Islam,religious police,Saudi Arabia,women by Save the Women! on December 3, 2011

Muttawa update:

Now prince Sultan is dead prince Naif is next in line for the throne of KSA. Naif is ery able in keeping inland security, and very conservative. You know what that means in KSA! Now a while ago the CPVPV got a lot of money and expensive cars and equipment which made them happy. Now they are even more happy. If Naif (nikname Nasty Naif) becomes the king the mutts will rule!

In anticipation they are all over the place as never before. Usually in Jeddah they are rare, but now you see them everywhere. And to celebrate their future supremacy they have now a new rule:

If a woman’s eyes are deemed too sexy the muttawas can now order her to veil her eyes too. That makes it difficult to see in front of you but women should be locked up in the home anyways. And if she has to be let out it is better if she doesn’t see much of the outside world. That will only give her ideas of freedom.

So useful to show your personality!

I wonder if not sunglasses are good enough to hide our sexy eyes? They are easier to see through. Why does it have to be such oldfashioned things as cloth? Why do they not invent something which could be impossible to see inside and it airconditioned as well? |And which gets women to where they need to be?

Oh,  that has been invented allready. It is called a car.

And guess what? Women are still not allowed to drive a car. Because the latest reason they made up: if women drive cars then there will be no more virgins. And all the men will become homosexual.
(secret: a lot, really a lot, of Saudi men have homosexual relation allready!)


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  1. Argus said,

    Is there any social stigma attached to homosexuality in Saudi? I suspect not; and it probably goes towards explaining why the ‘men’ there treat their women like dog’s droppings; beasts of burden useful only for procreation—?

    CPVPV … is that some kind of local ‘security’ organisation?

    May I use your illustration above in my own blog sometime, please?

    • Homosexuality is punishable by death. howerver, the compete segregation of the sexes breeds an unnatural amount of homosexual relationships, both in mken and women. besided the natural number of homosexuals, many more men and women start homosexual relationship because there is simply no alternative. Besides, men walking hand in hand is acceptable. while men talking to a woman is not and will be punished with jail and probably torture. once married men and women can ive apart lifestyles. the men go out with the men. the women go to the mall with their femal family and firends.

      btw married couples who love each other may also NOT walk hand in hand. but many do now a days. lets not forget there are many saudi couples who do love each other deeply. but if they don’t it’s not strange if they life their lives apart.

      CPVPV is the mutawas, the religious police. the commission for the preservation of virtue and the prevention of vice. they spend most of their time looking at women and trying to find something wrong about how they dress, or eat icecream or the fatc that they are out of doors and harrass them. in years gone by they had sticks which they used to hit women in their bodies. (you cannot touch women as they are unclean) that is not so anymore, but they still harrass.
      theyalso try to find out if a couple might be illegitimat ea not married or closely related. so they ask for your papers and you have to prove you are married. if not they will arrest you. for the crime of khalwa. the crime of talking to a memeber of the oppsite sex.

      i took the picture from internet, you can use it.

  2. star said,

    I think u may be right——My saudi husband spent more time with his so called friends than he did with his own family. It has always been a thought in the back of my head lol——-Thank God I dont have to be in that position anymore!

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