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Saudi babies abandoned in US

Posted in child abuse,Islam,relations with Saudi men,Saudi Arabia,women by Save the Women! on December 5, 2011

I regularly recieve mail from women who have been in serious relationships with Saudi men. Even married. They have been left pregnant or with a baby, and the saudi man suddenly becomes cold and disappears.

These women are left with no loving support, and no financial support. And they do not want their children to grow up without knowing their fathers. But those fathers are long gone, And in Saudi you will never get at them. They are protected there. Most women told me they pay for everything themselves, even the pregnancy and healthcare and yet they do not want to ask for money. Only for their children have a father.

But, to you women, I say you should insist these men pay their right share for their children. If they did not want children they should have worn condoms. ( It is very unwise not to always have sex with a condom, because of sexually transmitted disease, and babies.) You should come together. Form a group.  You can support each other and help each other to feel better. And you can fight together. Together you will be strong, you will have power.

There is a facebook group allready: ”Saudi children left behind” this was started by a girl in \ohio. This is a good place to start from, but much more can be done!

You can also start a plan of action. of information. To inform other girls on campuses so they do not fall into the same trap.
What you women, those who write to me and those who dont, should do: is get together. \you should form a group. \you should get together and get a laywer and get media attention. Trust me it won’t be difficult. There are many ways to use the media.
7 nice girls with 7 cute abandoned saudi babies could be a good item for Oprah.

CNN will even be interested if you get a large group of girls with babies together.

Some people in the US are prejudiced, does not matter if you do not agree, use it! Go to FOX news and use a line about how these Saudi students get scholarships and abuse American girls, and abandone the babies. It is going to be an election year, these stories could get you a lot of media attention.

Now I have been told names some of which are from very well known important families. These families will not want a scandal. \the saudi embassy does not offer any help or support for you, but they won’t like bad reputation for saudi!

The Saudi government will not like this in the news.

With a good laywer you can get the financial support your babies deserve!


New blog for women who have been lied to and left with a baby by a Saudi man:

official facebook page, Saudi Children left behind:



11 Responses to 'Saudi babies abandoned in US'

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  1. Argus said,

    Perhaps it’s time to stop all the social claptrap currently doing the rounds and face the fact that not all people are the same.
    To an outward degree we follow the same blueprint but the software is often vastly different. Different cultures have different values.

    It could even be that those ‘men’ on getting home are actually lionised and envied for what they’ve done? Can we not imagine a group of them sitting around the hookah giggling about the Big Joke?

    So how do you get people to think? To confront Reality, rather than trust all the fluff they are force-fed by school and church?

    • All people are not the same.they are the same in blue prints. but in the middle east you see the effect of GENERATIONS of supression. of telling men they are superior and telling women they are filth. of telling everybody they are vastly superior to anybody who is not Muslim. And telling |Arabas that Arabs are superior to non-arabs. that christians and jews are evil. they will all burn in hell and you can never make friends with them. this is now impressed so deeply on their psyche, and still impressed by their media and teachers at school and imams.

      so that means that we need let go of the idea that cultures are equal. they are not. western secular culture is superior.

      I can tell you that if a middle eastern man shows off his blonde girlfirend to his friends and male family members it is not a sign of respect. he is bragging about his western slut, it means he is not planning serious relationship whatever he may tell the girl

      I think some people are lost for thinking. religions do not like to have people thinking and they work hard to stop them doing it. These people are lost. you cannot make them think if they do not want to. But there are many who do not quite believe everything. who see things which clash with their own sense of morality and these people benefit by reading other peoples rational thoughts.

      there are qute a number of atheists in the middle east but they have to keep quiet because apostact carries the death penalty. that is somethin the majority, also the so-called ”liberal” muslims, agree upon. what is important to know is that you are not alone! you are part of a growing group of rational thinking people.

      • Sandy said,

        I have lately been thinking that in the same way over-indulgent parents “spoil” their children- Saudi Arabia over indulges it’s men and “spoils” them. All that superior status has actually turn many decent men into rotten ones. Literally spoiled in their charactar. I would feel more sorry for them if they didn’t victimise those they have power over, their women, children and anyone of a “lower” status (in otherwords anyone they can get away with bullying or oppressing).

  2. JC said,

    Thank you for doing a great job, along with American Bedu for increasing awareness. Because this is definitely a huge issue and the cases are plentiful, and it’s down right deplorable.

    I myself am Saudi, I am very much in a committed relationship. That entails proper respect for your SO, there is no way in hell I can uproot her from her way of life and have her live in Saudi Arabia, I would not want that on her or our future children.

    These guys have absolutely no morals, and the sad thing is, they usually religion as a standing point. Which in itself highlights the hypocrisy of religion. This issue really does frustrate me to no end, because I have heard of many cases where women are basically left to fend for themselves. Not saying that a single woman can not manage on her own, but when someone feeds you lies after lies, and all that leads to disappoint, it’s definitely heartbreaking.

    I would suggest (if possible) that you compile a list of suspicious behaviors to watch out for, and positive traits to differentiate between the two. Because truth be told, we’re not all that bad! Not saying I’m good either, hell I’ll be considered an infidel in Saudi.

    Thanks again.

    • @JC heloo. and thank you. I agree it is the only way for a saudi who really loves a western woman. you cannot take her to saudi.
      unless she is a bigotted salafi revert; in that case she will love it.
      it is hard for saudi men but the only honest option is either not toi start relationships, or to stay outside of saudi. And saudi family bonds are so strong that will be hard. but less hard as life in saudi would be for a liberated woman.

      American bedu is a great source for information
      I ahve already made these lists on other posts.
      especially because I know many people in the same situation and I get many, many, many mails from women who ahve been treated badly and it’s almost always the same story, and the same tactics and the same evasions.

      you can’t blame them for using religion, everybody in saudi used religion for everything they want to push across. and that is exactly what mohammed did.

      if you look at earlier posts you will see lists of what is bad sign and what are good signs for honesty in saudi relationship

      thanks for visiting

      • Sandy said,

        I do think it is possible for honourable men to marry western women and “transplant” them to Saudi. I have been here many years. And no, it would not be my first choice of a place to live- BUT my husband was honest with me from the time we met. Honest about his commitment to try to return and better the country that he loves in spite of it’s faults. Honest to explain the faults to me to the best of his ability and to give a pretty accurate description of what to expect. Of course not everything was exactly as he said – and life doesn’t always flow according to plan HOWEVER he was honest- and I made a decision to come. On the whole my life is very nice in spite of local issues. My husband did all he could to minimize the negative effects- and most of our children are now adults with some leaving the nest already. But you do have to be strong in your own identity and have an honest man and mutual respect between you. Because it won’t be happy any other way.

        I have western friends who are happy as I am and some who are not. Some are not happy for the same reasons that might happen anywhere in the world- and some are unique to the place we are living.

        Yet in spite of all that- I still wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If it goes really bad- it goes bad and the foreign woman has little recourse. Truthfully, I was a bit ignorant, and so was my husband. Luckily it’s ok. I just want it known there are some good Saudi men that make good husbands in the mother land.

  3. Andrea said,

    Hi All of you,

    The “serious relationships” with Saudi men and being left pregnant or with a baby it’s like an epidemic in U.S. or the westerns countries. I am one of them, I am going to have a baby boy in few weeks and as many women I am alone taking care about everything for my child (Healthcare, Cloth, Furniture, and all the things that he will need, plus my own bills).

    I am agree about being together as mothers and do something to let the world and the government of SA be aware of this problem that seems very popular nowadays, because the fathers just gone and they does not care about the problems that their children will face in the future (either psychological and financial). That is why I decided to opened a blog, which will help all the women who want to share their stories, help other women, and be together to do a media campaign, but moreover as a emotional support to know that we are not alone that there are ton of women in our same situation.

    The blog page is

    I hope to see all of you there, and if we are all together the world will heard our voice and this injustice will stop.

  4. shmily15 said,

    like like!

  5. Argus said,

    People must (r) MUST think for themselves.

    Which means that the pigs controlling the apparatus of thought will win forever until deposed by force. Sadly I see no other way.

    To a westerner like me the chador, burqa, and other such seem like a terrible imposition on women; yet from scanning the web it also seems that many women would fight like rabid dogs for their ‘right’ to wear their beloved (?) black bags.

    I think that when the oil is gone (or the need for it) the Saudi regime, without American support, will collapse. When it does there will hopefully be some justice meted out …

    • THis post is written to make clear that it is very common for saudi students to start relationships they know haveno future. they are either having fun because they can finally have lots of sex. or they are genuine in love, but too weak to act the right way. they know they cannot take the girl home. they are probably engaged. Or even married. And their way out is to keep on lying and run off.

      Veiling has many advantages for women. they get instant respect. \they get to feel they are better than women who do not veil. also they ahve been brainwashed for generations, women who do not veil are prostitutes. Women who do not veil wil be hung by their hair in hell and tortured forever.
      and they are not careful with kids in the middle east. they show them horrible pictures, sometimes pictures in the papers of dead children covered in blood. (middle eastern media galores in showing the most gory bloody pictures they can get of people dead or dying. including children) they traumatize the children to the point where they wake up screaming at night for months. especially girls. they want to break their minds. the result is women who are convinced that the only thing keeping them from burning in hell is to veil every part of their disgusting bodies.

      Hadith say: a man needs a ritual celaning if he has touched one of three things: a donkey, a black dog or a woman.
      Any woman is so unclean that a man needs ritual celaning before prahing. If he touched her.

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