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blog-meme stone angel, HighgateI am human
I am woman
I have a heart
I own my thoughts
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My beloved husband is from Jeddah. He loves the way I think. He loves how I feel. He loves how I speak.
But in the real world one has to be so careful. To speak your true thoughts brings you enemies. But in cyberspace one is free. Free from the pressure of society. Free from attacks by those who deny free thoughts. Those who want to imprison hearts and minds. Especially if they are female hearts and minds. If they even believe we women have any…

I want to vent my thoughts and musings here. I hope some people will come and discuss with me. Everybody is welcome but I do expect people to remain polite. I expect people to discuss in an adult manner. Even if you don’t agree with me. That is fine. I want to learn and you learn most from those who think differently.

Why Save the Women? Because women are an endangered species. They will not die out. But they are mistreated, tortured and denied human rights all over the world.
And I blame patriarchal religions. They are the main force behind the evil that roams this planet. Religion corrupts human’s feeling for right and wrong. Most humans know it’s bad to kill and torture. But religion makes it allright. Religion tells you killing is a duty. Religion singles out women as second class. Religion tells women they have to obey men. That they are second rate humans. Religion is not from any god. Religion is made up by men. Religion serves those who ”make” it.

It is time humanity looks at the evil done in this world without an excuse.
Religion is no excuse.
There is no excuse.



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  1. Aafke said,

    Instead of ”safe the whales” it’s ”safe the women”???
    Keep up the good work!

    • aerinndis said,

      Hi Aafka, That’s exactely it! Greetings!

  2. Murtadha said,

    I would say that this blog is revolutionary start for feminist movement in Saudi arabia šŸ™‚ and that is Great beginning!

    • aerinndis said,

      Murtadha, salaam, Thank you for your kind words. Big words! ”Feminist movement” šŸ™‚
      Islam allready contains women’s rights. If only muslims would take islam as it is instead of cherry picking and replacing with old tribal customs.

      • Chiara said,

        You’re a great woman!Keep up the good work

  3. Muhajer said,

    Nice blog UmmBasmah. It is time someone speaks the truth about Abrahamic religions treatment of women without the usual political correctness.

    Of course Islam or in better words people that use the religion are the biggest abusers today. Yes there are the usual excuses the Muslims will put up, ranging from this is not the true Islam or everybody else does it so it is OK. Some Muslims will actually admit there is a problem, but unfortunately the number is very small to make a real difference. If the rest start taking action instead of putting their energy into the constant defending, may be we will see change. Until then all what we have are people that rant with no substantive change.

    I commend you for creating this blog. Please do not pay attention to the losers this blog has already attracted, who do not know how to stick to a topic and rather attack everyone instead of admitting there is a problem with this type of treatment of women.

  4. aerinndis said,

    Muhajer, salaam, Thank you for your kind words. I hate ”political correctness” but there are enough people who hate the truth even more!

    I created this blog because I need to have a good scream now and then.
    But real change has to come from a group of people within the systems/religions.

    I have attracted the first weirdo and that’s for sure!

  5. Moesha said,

    Hi, I discovered this blog by chance. I’m investigating about Islam and am interested in hearing different sides of the story. But mostly about the early stages or uprising of the religion and then on the other side, how all molded to become the prevaling muslim reality of today. Take it or leave it, we are all humans and have the mind to search for the truth, investigate, compare, ask questions and at the end make our own conclusions.

    Keep it up .. I’m looking forward about reading what the scientist discovered in the early Yemeni Quran scriptures.

  6. aerinndis said,

    Moesha, greetings and peace. welcome here, and I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog by chance. I will be writing many more posts on the origins of Islam, and modern discoveries.

    What the scientists discovered in these oldest qurans is that the texts have been changed. Some pages show that an earlier, slighly different text has been wiped off the parchment, and the new version written on top of it.
    Now as soon as this became known the Yemeni government threw out the scientists they had invited. They stopped all research. However, the scientists do have about 30.000 photographs of pages. So can do a lot more research. However, the bodily proof is locked away, and may be destroyed.

    My husband who is Saudi and very knowlegable knows a lot about the early uprising. I will write about it. But I am afraid his conclusions will not at all be to the liking of modern scholars.

  7. Saqlin said,

    Greettings aerinndis šŸ™‚

    Since you know so much about Saudi men, I want to ask a question, but I am not sure if I can post it here (maybe it is too personal). Can I ask for your email, please?

    Kind regards

  8. 2 Cents said,

    Aerinndis … it’s been a long time since you last posted here. I hope everything is alright .

    • aerinndis said,

      2 Cents, I have been traveling, first on my own and then with my husband. It has been fun but I was too tired and too busy to do much about my blog.
      I am very well.
      I will try not to neglect my blog for so long again.

      • 2 Cents said,

        Glad that you are ok, and good to have you back.

  9. aerinndis said,

    Saqlin, I am sorry, I have not been to my blog since a long time. you are right to be careful about sharing information.
    I am careful about sharing my email. If you still want to ask me I will post a protected post for you and give only to you the password. Then we can talk in absolute privacy.

    • Saqlin said,

      Hello, Aerinndis

      It’s ok, thank you for replying anyway.
      And yes, please. I would still be very pleased if you would answer some of my questions, if that is possible. šŸ™‚

      Thank you!

  10. aerinndis said,

    I will mail you

  11. aerinndis said,

    2 cents, thank you!

  12. KimKam said,

    I’m so happy to finally find a blog about Arab men that doesn’t adhere to political correctness. Your blog has a big potential of being one popular resource for women seeking the truth about Arab men and society.

    I have a suggestion though, how about adding a section of True Stories of marriage to Arabs gone bad ? I feel that women react better to stories than articles. It gives them a strong sense of reality. I might convince a friend of mine to email you her story if you like.

  13. aerinndis said,

    KimKam, greetings. I think this is a very good idea
    I will make a special page for it. I will make very sure everybody is anonymous.
    Even if somebody thinks to recognise the story. It still might be somebody elses. Unfortunately many stories are the same. Many saudi men treat women the same, and have the same tactics.
    Please ask your friend to join her story.

  14. snap said,

    I can’t find an email address to contact you privately. I would love to interview you for my blog. Please take a look, I am an Australian woman with a loving family and zest for life. Can you contact me directly? Cheers, Snap

  15. @ Chiara, Salaam and thank you!

  16. ali said,

    Excellent Blog.. very needed.

  17. Lovisa said,

    Hi, as I said on another comment, I like your blog and your writing. I agree on most things (being very much atheist, very much feminist), but I wanted to give a heads up on “tundratabloid” that you have on your blogroll. whitch writes about nordic countries, that it is considered quite racist. I live in one of the cities with the biggest muslim population here, and I have to say that the islamification they speak of is complete bullshit. Most people who come here already have or embrace secularized values.. Sorry, I’m getting a bit into this now, really just wanted to tell you, so you know how that blog is viewed through my swedish eyes. If you know this, and promote their view, you can overlook this comment.

    • @ Lovisa
      thank you for this remark. i do not read it only right when I started blogging one article, and then I didn’t like it anymorte. And I do not do a lot of blogging. and i forgot it was still on my blogroll.

  18. Beloved Daughter said,

    As a Daughter, Friend, Wife, Mother and Grandmother {Who believes in Divine Appointments} I was “Brought” to this Blog.:

    Blessings for sharing your convictions, that others may become “Wise” as they TRUST GOD to guide their lives and choices.

    I have lived to many Miracles not to believe that GOD has a “Commissioned Mission” for each of us who seek HIS will and Plan for our life. I beliee this is yours to Instruct, Enlighten, and Protect as you leave “Gold Nuggets” that others may learn Wisdom from for their Lifes Pathway.

    • Thank you. I do not belive in gods myself but I do believe in a duty to help and support our fellow humans. And in this case warn too.
      I am very happy and some of my friends are too. but I ahve seen too many women suffer horribly top keep quiet.

  19. Argus said,

    As a humanist I often say “Thank God I am an atheist!” and I mean it.

    Doubtlessly you will offend a few religious … people … but that’s the way of it with truth. You won’t reach the insane but might just resonate with those who can think, for themselves; please keep trying.

    • i think nobody has a right not to be offended. it’s life, learn to live with it. Is my motto.
      I don’t see why rational intelligent people should pussyfoot around the superstitions of the deluded.

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