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Honor killing in Pakistan

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Warning: This video show graphic images of burned and mutilated women!

Bigger warning: This video shows men bragging about killing and disfiguring women and why they have the right to commit these crimes!



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(edit: I changed the photo with a still from a movie)

One of the really barbaric punishments in Sharia law is stoning.
Stoning is a death sentence by barbaric long drawn out torture.

The Stoning of Soraya M (movie)

I have read that according to Iran’s Islamic penal code, men convicted of adultery should be buried up to their waists and women up to their chests for stoning.  favoured when it comes to stoning!
The little detail is that: to make the fun of stoning more interesting for the murderous mob of sick evil men there is one way of escaping death: if the victim manages to get out they escape death.

So they give the men a hell of an advantage here. Because you wouldn’t want a woman to escape! Actually, eyewitnesses have reported that in the rare cases a woman does manage to get out she gets shot.
Because a woman is always sinful? Because they don’t want to disappoint the men? Imagine having to let the poor guys go home without the pleasure of seeing a woman die. Imagine the detrimental effect on the women folk if they were to hear about a woman who escaped? Women might start to think?

Women in misogynist religions/cultures only exist to please the men. By being sex-objects, by being punch balls, and by being the dying entertainment at a barbaric mob killing.
Sharia law makes this very clear in its wicked satanic bias against women.

Any religion, any religion! which supports the sick male idea that women are second rate and should be treated as such is evil! And definitely MAN made!

Another ”divine” rule is that stones shouldn’t be large enough to kill the victim immediately.
The idea is slow death by painful torture. What if the victim would escape pain and suffering and die immediately? That clearly would not please Allah.
What kind of god puts up rules to kill and having them tortured while they are dying?
What kind of god rises up his subjects into a frenzy of mob-tortuous-killing???
What kind of god takes pleasure in evil?
Not a ”compassionate god” If you read the sharia law you can only come to the conclusion Allah is a mean misogynist little man. Not a god at all. A small-minded misogynist man. And lets not forget we got the religion of Islam by the word of one man.

There is nothing divine about a religion, or law, which singles out women as the evil ones, the stupid ones, the ones to be forced into insane covering and beaten and blackmailed and disregarded and raped and tortured and killed for the entertainment of men.
There is also a psychological angle to the mass effort needed in stoning or beating a woman to death. It bonds the men together. it proves to them that women are inferior. And if they felt any doubts about the morality, or evil done: they are made accomplices.

Any religion/culture which endorses this is sick.
Is backward.
Is barbaric.
Is following Satan.
not God.

Is veiling a free choice?

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I am writing this post in response to a post on ”American Bedu”.  The very best blog for those who wish to learn about saudi arabia.

(apart from mine 😉 )

However diplomatic or politically correct you may want to put it. The fact is that there is no free choice for women in saudi arabia. Women are legally minors all their life. All women are always under full control of a man. choice is only possible where it is given.

And what of the mind? Freedom of thinking is a point too. I do not think many women in saudi can think freely.  From a very young age, or at least after puberty, girls are treated as less than boys. Baby girls will get no attention from saudi women, but if you have a baby boy they will swarm around you and admire him. Some people don’t even count girl children. If you ask them how many children they have they only count the boy children.
Girls are told from childhood on that their body is ”Awrah”  shameful and forbidden. You have to imagine this: being shamed all your life that your body and face are a source of shame to your family.
they are also told that if they do not veil they will burn in hell. And they are very good about really scaring the little girls about all the details of torture in hell.

Islam tells men they have to do a ritual cleaning after they have touched a woman before they can pray. This equals women with black dogs and donkeys they are the same level.
They are unclean and require ritual cleaning.
I know women who truly believe that if they uncover their face it will cause mayhem and destruction all around. They have been indoctrinated that women are walking vagina’s. That’s why muslims who like women to be covered never equate leaving hijab and/or niqaab off with being ”normally dressed”. They always equate it with walking around naked and women being whores. Which is stupid.
Even eight-year old children are dressed in a black shroud because even at the tender age of 8 they are nothing but walking vaginas.

Click here for what women look like according to Islam

There is nothing romantic about veiling. It is restricting your movements and your view. You are literally cut off from the world. It is naturally insufferably hot. Imagine wearing black, often synthetic fabric in the blazing sun and very hot temperatures. Imagine having hour head and even face covered in this material. Imagine having to go shopping and carrying heavy bags, and your children while gasping for air. The niqaab also restricts your breathing, however the male shop assistant assures you it is ”perfectely breathable”.
And with all this you still need to call up the strength to fend off either the forever harassing men, or the CPVPV who complain your hands and ankles aren’t covered with thick gloves and stockings. (In Jeddah there is far more leniency)

There is absolutely no choice. Women are harrassed when fully veiled. A less than fully veiled women will be followed and abused mercilessly by large groups of men. Boys will chase the woman in cars and and make a big scene around her as if she is whoring. And don’t forget the family or the spouse. The shame of a woman’s face and body is the shame of her family. Women are told all their lives long that their face and body is a sin and a shame for the honour of their families.
Many men demand their wives veil. Even if you are a western woman, and lived and dressed normally in the west, when you come to live in saudi with your husband he may very well demand you veil. And you will have no freedom to refuse.

There are real punishments, including torture for women who do not veil. Also in other Islamic countries. Women who do not cover according to the level men think they should get acid thrown into their faces. This photo shows a woman after being beaten by the police in Iran for wearing ”inappropriate hijab”

Don’t talk about freedom for women in saudi arabia. There is no freedom for women to refuse wearing veils, but there is also no freedom to think. Thinking critically is discouraged from childhood onwards. The schools do their best to stamp out any kind of independent thinking in both girls and boys. But especially girls schools. Some schools take the girls to the morgue where the dead are being washed for burial. They are told that that is where they will end up. And if they don’t follow the rules, described as Allah’s rules, they will go to hell and be tortured for eternity. The society is bent upon breaking women’s spirits and the only thing which will save a woman is a family and father who will protect his daughters from this never-ending denigration of women.

So really. The issue of free choice doesn’t exist.
Women are both brainwashed into believing they have to veiland in case the brainwashing doesn’t take hold they are denied the freedom to not do so.

Honour killing export

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StoningHonour killings now happen abroad in more civilised countries, by migrant muslim communities.
It is of course culture rather than religion. But as long as religion insists on women being worth less as men, and as long as religious leaders enforce this injustice and  until the perpetrators of these crimes stop defending themselves using religion, we can’t keep it apart from religion.
And it is very worrying that western countries don’t give these crimes more notice.

There are honour killings all over the world now. I think that at least the western countries, where these crimes are regarded as murder, should pay more attention and make sure to hand out heavy sentences to the murderers. Including incarcerating or expelling the whole family if they are implicated.

Kurdish song, the victims of murder in the name of ”honour”

Murder in the name of Honour

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”Honour killing” is the murder of a girl or woman by her male relatives, her father, her brother, her uncle. Whenever something happens to a woman which might ”damage” the family ”honour”, she can be killed. No evidence is required. Gossip about a woman is enough to condemn her. Typically ”honour” murders are not punished. They are not even talked about. They perpetuate patriarchal power over women.

Jordanian journalist Rana Husseini uses her profession to expose the truth behind honor killings. Her work has raised the profile of a subject that is still considered taboo and has helped push legal reforms for tougher punishments for perpetrators. In her new book, Murder in the Name of Honor, Rana Husseini breaks through the silence to tackle the issue of honor killings and tell the story of one woman’s heroic struggle against this practice.

Click here to visit Rana’s site.

The book can be brought at Amazon.

From the Crime Report interview with ms Husseini:

How did you get involved in this campaign?
In September 1993, I started a job as a journalist for The Jordan Times’s Crime Report. One of the very first stories I covered was of a 15 year old girl who was raped by her brother and then killed by her family, in the name of so-called family honor. This story moved me very much and I began to take much interest in this practice. From my research, I realized how these incidents were being minimalized, by society and the court system. Men were getting away with these crimes, with maybe a one or two year jail sentence! I got involved in this campaign, so that I could be the voice of these women who had no voice!

What would drive a father or a brother to kill his own daughter or sister?
Tradition and customs define society and family life, and honor is a major factor. The family of a rape victim is looked down upon by society, and male relatives of the victim believe killing is the only solution to redeeming their family name. This practice not only places a constraint on a woman’s body, but it maintains a patriarchal structure – instead of going after the male perpetrator the female is the one who is persecuted!

What challenges have you experienced since you began this campaign?

When I first began writing on this topic, my work was not well received by the people of Jordan, especially amongst the more traditional and conservative sects. You have to realize that before me, honor killings was never written about, and many, even those that did not agree with this practice, shied away from public discussion. Even now, my work is not well received by all Jordanians. However, I am hopeful that change will come. There is a growing number of individuals who are pushing for just reforms and laws that will treat these females not as criminals but as victims!