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It is not safe to be a women

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Warning! This video contains shocking images!

The world is not a safe place to be a woman. Not if you live in a place where a woman has no value. A country where the gods say she is less than a man. A culture where women are expendable are valueless.
In Islam a woman is inferior to men. In Saudi Arabia she is owned by men. Women and girls can be sold like cows in may Muslim countries.  In such a world the killing of women is a matter of no importance.

Tell me, why are the media not full with these crimes?
Why do we help those in need and those suffering from disasters?
But why does nobody think of helping the women under oppression by Islam?


Honor killing in Pakistan

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Warning: This video show graphic images of burned and mutilated women!

Bigger warning: This video shows men bragging about killing and disfiguring women and why they have the right to commit these crimes!

Goody Goody Goody

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Stuff from Saudi Arabia!

For everybody who keeps telling me to write something positive for a change, here are three goody news items!

14 year old girl rescued from 70 year old pedophile!

There was this little girl in KSA, only 14 years old. She was sold into  sexual slavery marriage to an old man. Her father decided to sell her so he could steal use her mahr. Mahr is the money a new husband pays for having sex with the new wife.  The girl did not get mahr, but the father got money for providing the old pedophile with his 14 year old daughter so he could buy a new car.
The price a 14-year old girl goes for these days is 17,000 Riyals and 100 head of sheep.
Of course the girl did not want to marry a 70 year old pedophile, but in the Kingdom of miracles you can get married without your consent and without even your presence.
The grandparents who have brought the girl up, the father never having cared for her, have succesfully rescued her. For the time being. At the moment she is placed under ownership of her grandfather who has her best interests at heart. Unlike her father who seems to have more interest in a good sale of his property.
As long as the official authorities do not send her back to the 70 year old pedophile the girl is safe. And considering his advanced age I can only  hope the old creep will snuff it within the year.

”We called Noura’s father in order to look into the facts of the case, and he confirmed the union but said that it was with the blessing of his daughter,” Bin Labda said.
After “confirming the truth of the complaint”, Bin Labda said that Noura was placed in the care of her grandfather, while her father was required to sign a pledge that she would remain there and that he would “refrain from any form of violence or force to make her go to her husband until official authorities in the town had ruled on the issue”.
Bin Labda added that the regional governor of Sabya had been informed.

I think it was in her advantage that the grandfather complained. A grandfather is a man. In cases where only the mother complained of the sale of her daughter the outcome is usually bleak.

What happens to all the girls who have nobody to save them from sexual slavery to old men? What happens to these girls when the old men finally die?

Disobedient woman rescued from prison sentence

Samar Badawi is a 29 year old divorced mother who has been sitting in a Saudi jail without a trial and without being charged for the last seven months. She has been accused of “filial ingratitude”.
In Saudi speak that means that when her father abused her, when he refused to allow her to marry, when his guardianship was being used to prevent her from seeking a safe and fulfilling life of her own, she – according to the judge who sent her to jail – was disobedient in seeking a court order to remove him as guardian.

Women can go to court to try and move their ownership to a better guardian, but you see the result: prison for the ”crime” of disobedience.

However, a sustained media campaign was started. A face book page was created, and thousands of twitters flew through cyberspace. This media attention finally led to her release from prison.
Ownership of her person has been transferred to her uncle.

What happens to the women who do not get this support and media attention?

Jeddah Pink Ribbon gets into the Guinnes Book of Records!

Here in Jeddah an estimated 6000 women gathered to break the German Guinness book of records number of women forming a pink ribbon.
There has been a lot of media and internet attention to promote awareness of breast cancer. Women here are not aware of breastcancer and even if the suspicion would come up they would hide it. I think many women are afraid to loose the little value they have once it is discovered they have the flaw of breast cancer or worse, have had a mastectomy. I have observed once or twice that indeed they have lost their value.

But, imagine what an achievement! In saudi no less! read susie of arabia’s excellent article for all the details. Imagine the hurdles saudi women had to overcome for this event! Hurdles unique to saudi and which women outside of the kingdom have no idea of!

Large congregations of people are discouraged. Men and women are not allowed to ”mingle” (that includes occupying the same public space), Organisations outside of  government, and without government consent are forbidden. The stadium was for men only. For this event the stadium was forbidden to men! Women are hidden beneath layers of black cloth and ”protected”, only with the express allowance of their owners would they be allowed to even participate. There is no public transport and women are not allowed to drive. So every single woman had to be driven there by a male driver who was not allowed to mingle with any other woman. The religious authorites objected. Law enforcement  objected. City government objected.
While this event could never have taken place without major massive Royal support,.

It is inspiring to see what women can accomplish in saudi if only they are given the chance to!!!!!

The story of an escape

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beating women is considered a duty for many Islamic men. This is not unique, Many Imams preach this every friday.


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(edit: I changed the photo with a still from a movie)

One of the really barbaric punishments in Sharia law is stoning.
Stoning is a death sentence by barbaric long drawn out torture.

The Stoning of Soraya M (movie)

I have read that according to Iran’s Islamic penal code, men convicted of adultery should be buried up to their waists and women up to their chests for stoning.  favoured when it comes to stoning!
The little detail is that: to make the fun of stoning more interesting for the murderous mob of sick evil men there is one way of escaping death: if the victim manages to get out they escape death.

So they give the men a hell of an advantage here. Because you wouldn’t want a woman to escape! Actually, eyewitnesses have reported that in the rare cases a woman does manage to get out she gets shot.
Because a woman is always sinful? Because they don’t want to disappoint the men? Imagine having to let the poor guys go home without the pleasure of seeing a woman die. Imagine the detrimental effect on the women folk if they were to hear about a woman who escaped? Women might start to think?

Women in misogynist religions/cultures only exist to please the men. By being sex-objects, by being punch balls, and by being the dying entertainment at a barbaric mob killing.
Sharia law makes this very clear in its wicked satanic bias against women.

Any religion, any religion! which supports the sick male idea that women are second rate and should be treated as such is evil! And definitely MAN made!

Another ”divine” rule is that stones shouldn’t be large enough to kill the victim immediately.
The idea is slow death by painful torture. What if the victim would escape pain and suffering and die immediately? That clearly would not please Allah.
What kind of god puts up rules to kill and having them tortured while they are dying?
What kind of god rises up his subjects into a frenzy of mob-tortuous-killing???
What kind of god takes pleasure in evil?
Not a ”compassionate god” If you read the sharia law you can only come to the conclusion Allah is a mean misogynist little man. Not a god at all. A small-minded misogynist man. And lets not forget we got the religion of Islam by the word of one man.

There is nothing divine about a religion, or law, which singles out women as the evil ones, the stupid ones, the ones to be forced into insane covering and beaten and blackmailed and disregarded and raped and tortured and killed for the entertainment of men.
There is also a psychological angle to the mass effort needed in stoning or beating a woman to death. It bonds the men together. it proves to them that women are inferior. And if they felt any doubts about the morality, or evil done: they are made accomplices.

Any religion/culture which endorses this is sick.
Is backward.
Is barbaric.
Is following Satan.
not God.

The hanging of a young girl

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she was lonely, grew up without love, and she was only sixteen.
When religious men decided she had to die.
A death sentence for “acts incompatible with chastity”.
Her name was Atefah Rafavi Sahaaleh.

I have been thinking. I have seen how somebody got attacked on a forum because she said western women who convert to Islam are in a way traitors. To their ancestors who fought in the past for rights and equality in western countries.  To the other women who suffer in Islamic coun tires under sharia law. That  may be strong language. It was not wisely chosen.  But I agree. Western women who convert to Islam, with all they know or should know: Have an explanation to make. Questions to answer. There is much of beauty in the writings of Islam. But there is more which is ugly. There are words of equality and rights. But there is more of inequality. There is slavery. There is the abuse of women slaves. The official denouciation of women’s intellect. A woman’s testimony only counts for half a man’s. Woman have to obey men. Husbands can beat their wives.
And what about sharia law? Sharia makes a bad thing worse.
So can you answer these questions?

Did you read the Quran and hadith before you converted?
Do you understand what is said about women there?
Do you agree women are less than men?
Do you read the news?
Do you realise that in a country based on Islamic principles the women are opressed?
Have you seen them? thrown at an angry mob of men to be destroyed in a feast of hatred?
Do you agree that young girls of 8 years old can be married to 80 year old men? Or men who are diseased?
Do you agree a man can kill his wife without punishment?
Do you agree that women should be stoned for adultery?
Do you realise what Sharia law means to women?
Do you think you are safe because you are protected by the secular laws of your free country?
Do you turn away when you read or see what is done in the name of Islam to women?
Can you explain yourself?

If you were Born into an Islamic country, instead of in a free country,
This could be you.
This could be your daughter.
This is your sister!

You can see the whole documentary here:

Good news!

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I can finally publish some good news on this blog!

Remember the saudi 12 year old girl who was sold to an 80 year old man?

She has been freed!

It is all over the internet!

The girl was 11 when she was wed against her wishes to her father’s cousin last year in an arranged marriage in her hometown of Buraidah, near the Saudi capital of Riyadh, the Telegraph reported Thursday. Her father was paid a $23,350 dowry.

She has won the court case with the help of her lawyer nd the human right commission. She got her freedom from a life as the ”wife” of a man who could be her great-grand-father!
I suppose the father won’t have to pay her purchase price back, as I suppose the old geezer has already violated her, and the dowry in Islamic marriage is the money paid for sexual access.

The human rights commission of saudi arabia was established by king Abdullah in 2005. They said it would use this case to attempt to establish a minimum age for marriage of 16. Comprising medical experts, child psychologists, social workers and scholars in Islamic law, three committees have been set up to debate the matter, the London Times reported.

“The main aim is to not allow cases like this to happen again,” Alanoud al-Hejailan, a lawyer with Human Rights Commission, told the Times. “There will be some opposition, of course, but we feel that public opinion has changed on this issue. We want to gather all the public support we can for a minimum age for marriage.”

The excuse for marrying underage girls to old men is based on the unreliable narration in the hadith which states that Aïsha was 9 years old when the prophet married her. While he was an old man.
There is much historical data which disproves this single hadith. I have copied an article from an other blogger (with permission) which you can read on the page ”The true age of hazrat Aïscha”
In January,  Sheikh Abdullah al-Manie, a senior Saudi cleric, said Muhammad’s 14th-century marriage could not be used as justification for today’s child marriages, the Indian Express reported.

Will the age of marriage for girls be regulated to a more reasonable age?
(As if 16 is not far too young as well)
Sure, I suppose at the same time that women will be allowed to drive…

Death by marriage

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There is another tragic news item, this time the yemeni ”husband” of a 12 year young girl raped her to death.
She died three days after her marriage of internal bleeding of the ruptures to her body caused by the inhumane ”consumation” of her sexual slavery marriage.

The girl was married to a man at least twice her age, said Sigrid Kaag, UNICEF regional director for the Middle East and North Africa.
Her death is “a painful reminder of the risks girls face when they are married too soon,” Kaag said Thursday.

Amal Basha, chairwoman of the Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights, a Yemeni human rights group, identified the girl Friday as Elham Mahdi.  “Elham was married on March 29th and died three days later” and lived in Yemen’s Hajjah province, Basha said.

The husband, complaining he could not ”consumate” the marriage asked a medical facility to tranquillise the girl so she could no longer resist his advances. They refused. He is reported to have tied her down. After which he was able to  rape her.  He took her to the clinic the next day because she was unable to walk.

Dr. Fathiya Haidar, a doctor at the clinic, told the Associated Press that she had suffered significant injury and “I told him not to go near her for at least ten days.” Elham may have been raped again after this clinic visit, as a post-mortem forensics examination showed much more extensive injury than what was reported by the clinic.

Rape and infection with hepatitis B

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And all perfectely halal and according to Allah’s wishes as I have been told by some very sick people.
Usually men, who, I suppose, don’t want their own chances diminished when it is their turn, as old, sick riddled with std’s pedophiles to buy and rape little girls.

Are there parents who would want their little girl to be raped and infected with an std?

Yes, apparently such parents exist.











Woman suffering from livercancer due to Hepatitis B

In Saudi Arabia hospital staff were shocked when a 65 year old man with hepatitis b wanted tests done (compulsory in KSA) so he could marry an eleven year old little girl! The parents were anxious to get the tests done as soon as possible, so they could deliver their little girl into the hands of an diseased pedophile to be raped and infected with a deadly disease.

Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted virus which causes cancers.
To willingly and knowingly infect a very young girl, of eleven with this fate is tantamount to murder.
A slow death by cancer.

One wonders how much the old sick pedophile man paid for the privilege of raping a child and infecting her with his deadly std.

One wonders how sick the rulers and religious elite of a country like Saudi Arabia are to not only allow, but positively encourage an outrage, a crime like this.

I can’t tell you how utterly disgusted I am by hearing about these outrages, again, and again, and again.

We must not underestimate the fact that these outrages are reported in the papers though. In a country like Saudi Arabia such matters can only be reported if the ”powers up high” allow this to be reported.

And I think that the majority of the Saudi people are disgusted by this.
And while much has been said of ”change needing to come from within”,  This is rather difficult in a country like saudi arabia. Where political parties are forbidden, where people who are disliked by ”somebody high up” can just disappear. I think that a change in the ”people high up” will be much more effective in making a change for the good.

Human rights commission seeks divorce for 12 year old girl

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The story:

A saudi man sells his twelve young little daughter to an 80 year old pedophile cousin. The girls mother tries to save her little girl and starts a lawsuit. After the second hearing she suddenly withdraws, and the girl also seems to give in to her horrible fate.
Now I can only imagine what horrible threats and blackmail has been levied at the girl and her mother to make them give in. But now, for the first time the saudi human rights commission intervenes into what is, and has always been, regarded as a ”family affair”. The saudi  human rights commission has filed for the divorce of the twelve year old girl.

Is this Islam?

These unequal marriages are not unusual in the kingdom. This girls family comes from the conservative Part of saudi arabia, the area near Riyad.  A conservative town called buraidah.
With ”conservative” I mean even more conservative.
She was sold by her father for the price of 85.000 Riyals. Sold because he kept the money for himself. In Islam the dowry is a payment for sexual access, and should be the property of the woman absolutely. In Islam fathers or husbands or brothers cannot touch a woman’s property. But in real practise of Islam this is dfferent.

The child herself has no say in the matter. The mother has no rights, so cannot stop it. In Islam a marriage can only be made with the consent of the woman. It is clear this little girl does not want to be married to the octogenarian. But her opinion carries no weight.

So no. This is not a marriage which should be sanctioned under Islam.

The media

The saudi media, and in result the world press, are reporting this case. These cases are being reported in the media more and more. This is fairly recent. This is very important. This means that some of the men high up allow this to be reported.
This is really important: the men in power allow this to be reported so may be, there is finally going to be some change.

The saudi people

This also reflects that many saudi people are against these practises. Family affairs are considered extremely private in the kingdom, but the saudi people do not want these unequal matches so much: that the unwritten rule of absolute silence in these matters is being broken.
Saudi people will sacrifice a lot to the cause of the just. There are many activists who risk imprisonement  for the cause of helping those in need.

I am feeling optimistic:

things are getting better. Let’s hope this girl will get her freedom back. Let’s hope she will get an education and a future. Let’s hope she will get a good husband who is not only good but also of a reasonable matching age.

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