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Women driving: Saudi Utopia

Posted in Islam,Saudi Arabia,women,women driving cars by Save the Women! on December 5, 2011

I don’t know if to cry or laugh. It’s too sad but also too ridiculous. How do these people come up with these things?

The latest on why women should not be allowed to drive:

If Saudi women drive;

There will be no more virgins in saudi. All women will loose their virginity. And all saudi men will become gay.! Women driving will also result in pronography and prostitution. And there is scientific evidence for all this!

Strangely enough no news site from the developed world quotes that scientific evidence.

However, I think the Islamic scientists and religious leaders have not thought this out very well.

In my opinion women driving, loosing their virginity and all men becoming homosexuals would result in an Islamic Utopia.

Think about it, I agree you will have to sacrifice some hymens, but that is a small price. Then at the same time al men will become homosexuals. Which means that they won’t be interested in having sex with women. (because homosexuals only want to have sex with men.) That will result in all women being virgins. Saudi women will never be harrassed anymore. Even better: they will remain virgins for the rest of their lives!!!!
isn’t that wonderful?

So let’s count the advantages; After ten years, saudi arabia will be renamed saudi utopia:

Saudi Utopia

  1. All Saudi men will be homosexual, they will have taste, they will be sensitive and empathic, they will be supportive of women
  2. Saudi men will no longer want to fuck women, so they won’t buy children in other countries. no more rape and abuse of foreign maids. No more saudi students who leave their girlfriends and babies behind
  3. All young Saudi women will remain virgins. For ever! Because ther are no more men who want to have sex with them
  4. all Saudi women can leave off the abaya and niqab because there will be no men who want to have sex with them
  5. Segregation is no longer nesseccary because all men are gay and don’t want to have sex with women anymore
  6. The muttawas will wear pink thobes, have well trimmed beards and hair, and will be doing their job with soft voices and friendly requests. They will smile all the time. They will drive pink cars. They will no longer harrass women.
  7. Now women work with men, business and science bloom. Saudi Utopia starts to make a mark on the world
  8. Saudi cleric will only quote the nice passages from the koran and hadith, Islam all over the world will become a warm and loving religion  Nobody will blow themselves up anymore for virgins
  9. Saudi Utopia will become known as the ”kingdom of true humanity and love”

I say: saudi arabia,

Go for the win!

Let Saudi women drive!