Save the Women!

The Rules

I want to give all visitors a hearty greeting. Please enjoy reading this blog. Please participate in the discussions. But please do so in an adult manner.

  • Everybody is free to enter the conversation
  • everybody is free to have their own opinion
  • please keep polite to people you don’t agree with
  • keep posts to reasonable length
  • Keep on topic
  • no profanity
  • no personal attacks
  • no spam
  • no paste-copy

I will edit, or delete posts which do not comply with the rules.

I will ban people who cannot abide with these rules.

You are free to speak on the internet. You are not free to be rude, use bad words, and use my topics to bring your own under attention.
I do not curtail freedom of speech.
This is the internet: If you feel you need to share your thoughts you can start your own blog. You don’t need to do it on mine. As this is my blog, my livingroom so to speak, I make the rules here. It is up to the readers to comply or not. It’s up to me to delete your comments if you choose not to comply.


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